Maintaining a youthful healthy skin takes work

The natural ageing of our skin start’s around twenty five.

But poor lifestyle practices, smoking, alcohol, sunbathing and poor nutrition, can lead to premature ageing.

A thorough skin care routine, and good lifestyle practices, can help to dramatically maintain a healthy skin.

So what happens to our skin intrinsically as we age:

  • Collagen production reduces
  • Elastin fibres become less flexible
  • After puberty, fibroblasts stop making elastin
  • By the time we reach our mid thirties, the rate at which we replace damaged skin cells starts to decrease significantly, in some cases by up to 50%
  • At forty, the subcutaneous layers of fat that lie below the dermis, begin to lose their ability to retain smoothness
  • The quality and amount of collagen the body produces, also starts to deteriorate

As we age, the mechanisms that control our skin’s activity starts to change, this causes an increased breakdown of the skin’s dermal structure, leading to greater fragility and reduced healing ability.

Advanced Glycation End or AGES

This is a result of the reaction between sugars, such as Glucose and Proteins in the skin.

AGES are now considered one of the primary keys to age related skin issues, the chemical compound triggers oxidation causing collagen cross linking.

This creates inflammation, and prevents our skin from naturally repairing itself, combined, they accelerate the degeneration of the skin tissues.

All of this compounded with oxidation through the action of free radicals, means more and more people are turning to anti aging ingredients, known as cosmeceuticals, which can help to slow down the dance of destruction on the skin.

To find out more information on Cosmeceuticals, follow the link

The Naked Truth

Whilst these ingredients do have valuable properties for the skin, it’s the latest scientific research on telomeres and ageing, that is causing excitement in the field of premature ageing.

This has prompted further research into stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy has the ability to divide and develop into different cell types in the body, which works by stimulating adult stem cell reservoirs in the epidermis, to provide rejuvenation.

Plant stem cells, peptides, vitamins and enzymes, all help to protect human epidermal stem cells from damage and deterioration, whilst stimulating the skin’s own cells.

They contain powerful antioxidants and enzymes, that influence the biological functions of the skin.

Recent clinical studies have shown that telomeres, are proving to have a very dramatic effect on the skin.

With such advanced research taking place in the field of ageing, hopefully in the future this will mean that we are able to create that miracle cure in a jar.

That really will help reverse the signs of ageing.


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