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The Importance of Lymph and Detox

Lymph and detox may sound like a strange subject.

Yet whilst it is a topic rarely discussed, it is so important for our body’s health.

In the beauty industry, the subject of lymph is well covered, especially in a massage.

It has an important role in the rest of the body, and why

Keeping the lymph flow stimulated is really important if you want to keep your body free from disease.

Hopefully, we have got your attention and intrigued you a little, so let’s dive right in.

The lymph system

Doctors, who work with natural methods, feel that the primary cause of fatigue, disease, and cell degeneration, along with accompanying premature ageing, is due to poor circulation of the lymph fluid to and from cells and tissues.

Holistic medicine uses several effective techniques to accompany a natural detox treatment designed to stimulate lymphatic functions as a means of healing; even with quite serious illnesses, these techniques can have profound results.

Lymphatic treatments

Combined with our 10-day detox plan, these practices really help improve the purity of lymph liquid that flows through the lymph vessels.

This total body will help you eliminate toxins and chemicals that have built up in the body’s tissues over the years, setting you on the path to good health for now and in the future.

Lymph and detox

Five main routes in the body eliminate waste; skin, lungs, kidneys, bowels, and lymphatic system.

The importance of the lymphatic system is vital for health.

  • not only is it the major route of absorption of nutrients from the digestive system into the tissues, which helps to keep the skin healthy, it is also an important carrier of immune cells, which guard the body against damage and illness preventing degenerative disease
  • the lymph carries away unwanted protein and large particles of waste matter away from cells and tissues, which cannot be removed by any other means
  • it promotes the body’s natural detox process, clearing toxins such as ‘by’ products of fatigue, stress, dead cells, fatty globules, pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals, and infectious viruses

Lymph is the waste eliminating function of the body, and without the lymphatic system, the body is not designed to survive beyond 24 hours.

In the body, nutrients and oxygen are transported to tissues and cells via the bloodstream; arterial pressure forces the blood through tiny capillaries and out into the interstitial spaces to enable the nutrients and oxygen to be exchanged for waste, which the cells have produced.

Here the water or interstitial fluid-filled with toxic waste is gathered by tiny lymphatic tubules and sent back through lymph vessels, encouraging elimination.

These are highly organised and elaborate systems of ducts and channels which flow all over the body, in fact, almost all the tissues are equipped with lymph channels that drain excess fluid and waste and detox the body’s entire systems.

This opalescent liquid carries the wastes and toxic products from the minute channels into larger lymphatic vessels and on through the lymph nodes.

The lymph nodes filter the fluid to remove impurities and dead cells; they are also a place where antibodies fight infection, after purification at the nodes the fluid is returned to the blood; n this way the lymphatic system works ceaselessly to clear toxicity detoxing and reducing mucus and waste; the tiny microscopic network of these lymph channels resembles blood capillaries, except that they are finer in many ways.


The lymph system is like the blood system, except while the action of the heart muscle powers the blood system, the lymphatic system has no prime mover; instead, it’s nourishing water balancing and eliminative functions, are mostly dependant on gravity and natural pressures of muscles, which occur when the body moves.

Together the muscle contractions, body movements, and biochemical factors keep the lymph flowing, making it possible for the lymphatics to carry out the important task of bodily cleansing and detoxifying.

To promote good lymphatic function, muscles need to be moved vigorously, and often, this is why exercise such as long walks is good, not only to strengthen the lungs, heart, and muscles but to encourage the steady and effective elimination of wastes from cells and tissues.


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