Lesson three, making skincare lotion

Making skincare lotion is all about trial and error.

Before you begin, make sure you have read lesson one, creating simple skincare products.

Along with yesterdays article, lesson two on formulating, you’re ready to follow our step by step guide to creating formulas.

Making skincare lotion

The best way to approach making a skincare formula is to break it down into three stages:

Stage One (The oil phase)

It is important to note that there are several ways you can formulate a product depending on the ingredients.

First, weighing your oils, we recommend that you weigh everything into individual containers, keeping ingredients separate.

This way if you do make any mistakes, you have saved on wastage.

Second Stage (The water phase)

Weigh out the distilled water, if you are using any other ingredients such as hydrosols or Aloe Vera for the water phase,

Weigh these ingredients into separate containers also, once measured everything can then be combined.

It’s a good idea to weigh out the total combined weight; this is because the water phase is prone to evaporation during heating, once heated if you need to you can always top up these ingredients.

Third Stage

Some of these ingredients can be tricky to weigh such as vitamin E and extracts,

Weigh everything individually in separate containers.

Mixing Ingredients

Next is the exciting part of making skincare and putting all of your hard work together; it’s the bit where your product really comes to life!

  • first, pour the oil phase mixture into the double boiler
  • next in a separate pyrex jug heat your water phase. Once heated to the correct temperature, re-weigh the water ingredients and top up if any has been lost. Then add it to the oil phase in the double boiler
  • next put this into the mixing bowl and mix with a stick blender for around ten seconds
  • ensure that your blender stays as close to the bottom of the bowl as possible, otherwise, air will get into the formula which can change the texture

Cool Down Phase

This phase needs to be cool enough to accommodate the flashpoint of your essential oils or fragrance,

It also needs to meet the temperature phase of your preservative, something which your supplier will inform you of.

You can help to speed up this stage by standing your container in a bath of cool water, be sure to keep stirring gently during this stage.

However, a word of caution here, if you let this stage get to cool it is almost impossible to decant into bottles,

Never reheat, as the emulsion could break down and separate.

Once your mixture has cooled down sufficiently, you can add your antioxidants to this stage, gently blending them into the mixture.

Now all that’s left to do is decant your mixture into your bottles.

Tips for Bottling

Using a funnel, pour your mixture into the bottles at an angle, this will help prevent air pockets.

If air bubbles appear, put the lid on and gently tap the bottle on the work surface until they have disappeared.

Once you have filled your bottles cover with a cheesecloth, leave to set for up to 24 hours.

There are two reasons why we recommend doing this,

The first is because condensation can occur under the lid if you cap it too soon,

Secondly, it takes this long for the lotion to reach its correct consistency.

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