Is Facial Rejuvenation Possible From a Skin Cream

Is facial rejuvenation really possible from a skincare cream?

Or is youthful, radiant skin a lot more complex than that?

Your skin is truly a reflection of what is going on internally and externally:

  • if you are poorly and run down, your skin reflects it
  • when you are dehydrated, your skin reflects it
  • if you are stressed, your skin reflects it
  • when you are suffering from poor nutrition, your skin reflects it
  • if your hormones are unbalanced your skin reflects it

This is what is referred to in the skincare world as a loss of vitality.

What does facial rejuvenation mean?

My work as a skincare specialist means I have performed thousands of facials over the years, and have seen first-hand, what can affect the vitality of the skin.

First: Your skin, just like your body gets TIRED and OVERWORKED, basically it can easily, use up all of its energy reserves.

Secondly: Your skin also gets hungry, and it requires regular feeding with key nutrients like fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals, both internally and topically.

This is the reason one of our key focusses at the NC, is ‘what goes in goes on’.

Your Skin Requires Constant Nourishment

If you’re not nurturing and nourishing your skin, and feeding it with the right nutrients both inside and out, your skin can become severely depleted. This is because it lacks the all-important nutrients that it requires to function effectively.

Yes, facial rejuvenation is possible to some degree, especially if you are using well-formulated skincare products. Still, you need to do your bit and ensure you give your skin exactly what it needs when it needs it.

Facial rejuvenation is achieved from skin-identical ingredients.

Skin rejuvenation is at the heart of what we do, with the ultimate focus of our products is about achieving a healthy skin;

A number of our formulas contain a composition that closely resembles the skin’s membrane structure, which includes the following ingredients; Urea, amino acids, glycerin, sorbitol, hyaluronic acid, triglycerides, phospholipids, lactic acid, ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids.

Ageing, trauma, incorrect products, and treatments can deplete these important components. Therefore, it makes sense to use intelligent products that have been specifically formulated with these ingredients, that rejuvenate a deficient skin, and target-specific concerns:

Replenishing dry, mature, sensitive skin: Our products Fortify barrier repair cream Bio lipid complex – a unique serum to balm formula and Ceramide, all contain the exact ratio of lipids, ceramides, and cholesterol found within your epidermis.

These ingredients work by increasing the cohesion of the outer layer of your skin, to rebuild the barrier function, whilst keeping your skins intercellular matrix soft, supple, and moisturised.

Rejuvenating dehydrated, flakey skin: Helping to strike that balance is H20 complex and Quench ultra-hydrating gel; both have been formulated with a unique blend of skin-identical humectants that help to restore your skins natural moisturising factor (NMF), to keep it plump, hydrated, and youthful.

If you are interested in knowing more about facial rejuvenation from topicals, this article is a fascinating read.


As you can see, there is the real science behind effective skincare.

The careful selection of ingredients within our formulas help the different skin types and prevent a host of problematic skin conditions; maintaining the skin’s natural moisturising factor, reducing inflammation, roughness, and scaling – all of which will help to return your skin to health.


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