How to make cream, what you will need

Creating your own home made products is really fun.

Whilst there are a few guidelines that you need to follow, beyond that the possibilities for inventing and making your own creams and products is endless.

Join me here tomorrow for step two.

How to Make Cream

All of the recipes are simple and easy to create,

They don’t require special equipment, and most of it you can find in your own kitchen.

Throughout our recipes we do switch between listing ingredients in volume and weight.

Therefore having very accurate scales is key, because even 1 gram can make the difference to your overall recipe.

Beyond a good set of scales, for the home crafter your equipment does not have to be expensive.

Before you begin you need to have good personal hygiene and sterilization practices in place,

So ensure that you thoroughly sterilize everything with isopropyl alcohol.

We also wrote an article what does the shelf life of products really mean, which is also another helpful resource.

What You Need

The following information lists all the equipment you need, before you learn how to make cream.

  • You will need to have handy 2 x double boilers, otherwise known as bain maries.You don’t want to heat the delicate ingredients directly on the heat. Failing that, why not create your own double boiler, by first filling a large saucepan with water. Then place your ingredients in a heat proof bowl, or Pyrex jug, sit it in the pan and simmer your water until its reached the required temperature. For more information on formulating the different phases, click here
  • You will also need a selection of different sized stainless steel pans
  • Good accurate digital scales. You can easily pick up a good one that weighs 1.0 grams quite reasonably. For much smaller amounts such as weighing extracts you will require a scale that weighs o.1 gram, which are more expensive
  • Thermometer for up to 100.c, a candy thermometer is ideal
  • Your labels and marker pens
  • A calculator
  •  Always have a couple of heatproof glass measuring jugs handy
  • A couple of spatuals, to scrape that last amount of cream into your jar
  • Pipettes or eye droppers
  • A selection of heat resistant metal or glass bowls
  • A metal sieve is always useful
  • An electric hand mixer, a stick blender for making lotions, with a beater attachment and a regular hand whisk, for making mousses
  • Funnels to pour lotion into bottles
  • Your jars of course
  • Mortar and pestle for any dried herbs you may be using
  • A notebook and marking pens for the recipes, you will need to write down every formula you create
  • Obviously you are going to need jars and bottles for your formulas
  • You will need a selection of metal spoons, plastic or wood are not hygienic enough
  • Always have a selection of measuring spoons with measurements on, like the diagram shows, which I find really handy



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  1. Carroll Haddock says:

    I am learning how to make fabulous creams and when/how to add extras that make them really wonderful. I’m so glad that I found this site

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