How to make a lotion bar

Lotion bars are simple and easy to make.

For those who would like to get creative and have a go at making your own home made lotion bars.

Then I have put together the following tips, on the application of oils, waxes and butters.

You can also find more information in the article understanding ingredients used in body butter.

Lotion Bar Ingredients

The type of butter used, will determine the consistency of the lotion bar.

Beeswax and Cocoa butter create a very hard lotion bar.

Shea, Mango and Avocado butter create a soft bar, which melts at body temperature.

Avocado Butter: This has a lovely buttery texture that makes a really moisturising body butter ingredient.
Avocado Oil: I just love this oil; it’s a great anti-ageing oil that has potent replenishing properties.
Beeswax: With all the goodness of honey bees, a lotion bar with a high content of beeswax will create a hard lotion bar. It’s a good idea to introduce some soft butters in your formula, when using this ingredient otherwise the bar may drag on the skin.
Cocoa Butter: This is a really hard butter that ideally needs to be mixed with other butters, which will make the formula softer. Cocoa butter has many wonderful properties, so it should not be overlooked.
Hemp seed oil: This oil has many healing properties and makes a really lovely skin conditioner.
Mango Butter: Mango makes a great emollient ingredient, and it is extremely nourishing, use up to 33%.
Shea butter: This is a rich heavy butter that is awesome for  dry, dehydrated skin and has some really wonderful properties.
Sunflower oil: It is great to add some oil to your formula, you can use up to about 20% of this oil in a lotion bar recipe, which makes a great emollient for lip gloss.
Olive oil: This ingredient is a natural humectant, helping to keep parched dry lips moist and kissable.

The really great thing is that lotion bars are so easy to make, and you get to be as creative as you want.


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