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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles in 2022

They say the eyes are windows to the soul.

And let’s face it, dark circles rarely scream fresh and radiant – even if you did get 8 hours of shut-eye last night.

But this doesn’t mean you’re stuck looking exhausted; some really great ingredients can help perk up your peepers and make them look as fresh as daisies.

How to get rid of dark circles

Unless you’re a perfect specimen who gets eight hours of sleep every night, constantly drinks 2 litres of water and, has superhuman genes, no doubt you have had to deal with dark circles at some point in your life.

Even if you’ve spent years learning how to get rid of dark circles, a permanent solution is tough; undereye creams will improve the overall appearance and your skin’s health but will never make dark circles disappear 100-per cent.

We appreciate the truth hurts, but dark circles are a natural part of your face. They can stem from genetics, bone structure, ageing, and thin skin.

But wait, not all hope is lost, if cosmetic procedures aren’t an option for you, some really great over-the-counter products can help minimise the appearance of your dark circles by hydrating, plumping, and brightening under-your eyes.

Fortunately for you, we have rounded up the absolute best, most-effective ingredients that’ll help you in your fight against, well, mother nature and for. The article dark circles under eyes will help you navigate the surgical options available.

Ingredients for treating dark circles

Chrysin is a flavone from passionflower that promotes the production of natural enzymes that can break down pigments.

Caffeine and Kojic Acid are ingredients that constrict blood vessels and are therefore great for treating dark under-eye circles. They both also help to decrease inflammation and provide a temporary tightening effect.

Hydroxysuccinimide is an interesting ingredient that binds iron in the haemoglobin, preventing pigment from forming in the skin’s tissues.

Peptides are the building blocks of collagen, which helps keep your skin firm and smooth. As you age, your skin’s rate of collagen produces slows down, so using eye creams with peptides will help stimulate their growth and thicken your skin. DNA Age-Delay containing copper peptides will help support the cellular renewal process – re-densifying your skin. This will make the underlying blood vessels less noticeable and help prevent any capillary leakage that may be going on under the eyes.

Retinol is the gold standard for anti-ageing, and it also works wonder on dark circles and under-eye bags. The ingredient stimulates the production of collagen, boosting your skin’s volume, and increases cellular turnover. Topical retinol can improve your skin’s texture and colour, so it is great for any under-eye pigmentation, leaving you with firmer and brighter under eyes.

Vitamin C can aid in capillary-strengthening repair since it’s a vasoconstrictor and can help leaky vessels that contribute to blood accumulation under the eyes. Vitamin C also encourages collagen production and is a proven melanin suppressor/lightener, so it will also help to brighten skin tone and mild pigmentation. C+ vitamin complex containing antioxidants will help to repair and prevent premature ageing of this delicate area.

Daily vitamins will make your eyes shine

If you’re considering how to get rid of dark circles, it is widely known in the skincare industry that Vitamin K is the best cure for dark circles. The hype surrounding vitamin K is its ability to improve circulation—better circulation means it reduces blood flow to the skin so fluid isn’t sitting stagnant under your eye.

Interestingly, vitamin K is the vitamin responsible for blood clotting; it produces bacteria in the intestines and distributes it throughout the body, helping prevent excessive blood flow and haemorrhaging.

This study looks promising – the current downside with vitamin K in eye products is that it is notoriously unstable, meaning that it is difficult for us formulators to retain its potent properties.

A cool molecule for under the eyes

More recently, Daniel B. Yarosh, a pioneer in skincare science, has discovered how to get rid of dark circles around the eyes; his research found that dark circles are caused by slow blood flow for many people.

Instead of using ingredients that stem the flow of blood, he found that innovative ingredients that stimulate blood flow rather than block it are more effective – helping to flush away stagnant veins and encourage lymph drainage.

His technology is based on the winning Nobel Prize discovery of the small molecule, nitric oxide, and stimulating blood flow effects.

A clinical trial involving six volunteers was conducted using nitric acid in cream on one cheek. Leaving the other bare, they were then asked to stand in the laboratory refrigerator for 30 minutes, at a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the volunteers came out, the researchers immediately took their cheeks’ temperature, and what they found astounded them; the cheeks treated with the cream were considerably warmer than the untreated cheeks – essentially what they found was, the cream kept the skin warmer in colder climates.

They also carried out a clinical study with 26 volunteers who suffered from severe dark circles. After applying the same cream under their right eye for four weeks, they saw a significant improvement in reducing under-eye circles.

This information has since been published in a scientific journal specialising in nitric oxide; their studies also found that nitric oxide also boosted collagen production – this is certainly one ingredient to look out for in the future.


In short, if surgery is not an option, then a well-formulated skin care routine should include eye cream.

Skin brightening ingredients can help brighten dark circles, improving the luminosity and vibrancy under your eyes. Look for formulas starring vitamin C, peptides, vitamin A, caffeine, or nitric oxide, which can significantly improve dark circles’ appearance.

For even better results, layer your eye cream over brightening serums like Glo antioxidant complex, and don’t forget to top it off with sunscreen during the day, as sun damage is a surprising hidden cause of dark circles.

Daily protection from the sun, ultimately prevents damage that makes the skin thinner, more translucent, and prone to fine lines.

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