How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

It’s a fact; eye bags can get you down.

They are almost impossible to treat, despite what skin care companies try to tell you.

Because the truth is, no amount of cream will help counteract the problem because you’re dealing with fat pads and texture and colour.


Haemorrhoid Treatment: This is a well-known treatment Preparation H, whilst the results are not permanent, it does give a good temporary result.
Herbal Compress: You can buy herbal compresses for your eyes or even make them, with soothing ingredients such as cucumber, eyebright, and black tea, all of which help reduce congestion and dark circles.
Soothing Gels: Commercial eye gels are another popular treatment. If you keep them in the fridge, the cooling effect will constrict blood vessels, which have a temporary toning and tightening effect.
Peptides: These potent ingredients help to strengthen capillary walls, preventing leakage of fluid.
Hesperidin: A bioflavonoid known as hesperidin ethyl chalcone reduces fluid in the tissue, dramatically reducing puffiness.


When my clients ask me how to get rid of bags under your eyes, I will always steer them towards medical treatment if I see it as a real concern.

Surgical Removal: This is the most effective treatment for under-eye bags. The treatment involves removing fat pads in the lower lid, it is a fairly common procedure and little recovery time is required, once the bags are removed, the dark circles will instantly disappear.
Lasers: Working as a skin specialist for many years, I have had some success with a laser; obviously nothing like surgery but they do help to tighten and firm the skin, delivering radio waves deep into the tissue of the skin.
This also stimulates new collagen production, helping the skin around the eye area to look visibly younger.
Fillers: Another alternative solution that is worth considering is filling around the bags with Restylane or perlane.

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