How to exfoliate your skin

Is dry, flaky skin a concern?

Or maybe your skin has lost its healthy vibrant glow?

Fortunately, with the use of specialised exfoliating products.

You can return your skin back to a picture of health, in no time at all.

Why Exfoliate your Skin

  • Softens fine lines
  • It unclogs pores
  • It prevent breakouts
  • It removes dry patches
  • It encourages collagen synthesis
  • It promotes cellular turnover
  • It can help prevent premature aging
  • It gives skin a vibrant, glowing complexion
  • It retains moisture levels, in the top layer of the skin
  • It makes the skin appear fuller, plumper and firmer

Exfoliating the skin, can help other products work more efficaciously.

This is achieved by clearing the skin’s surface of dead cells, removing blockages, whilst also allowing the delivery of performance cosmetic ingredients into the epidermis.

Methods of Exfoliation

Facial and body Scrubs
These are a great way to exfoliate your skin,

They contain natural ingredients like jojoba that are suspended in either an oil or cream.

How to use: Apply a small amount to damp finger tips, and rub in circular motions across your face or body.

Finally, rinse with warm water to remove and pat your skin dry.

Salt Scrubs
If you want to get to those hard to reach areas and remove stubborn patches of skin, or feel like an invigorating scrub, then this is the exfoliating body treatment for you.

Salt scrubs are often used in spa environments, and they really do get results.

They are designed to be both abrasive and stimulating and are usually combined with dead sea salts and essential oils, to suit your mood.

How to use: Use in the shower and work over the skin.

The essential oils are often extremely detoxifying, they help to boost a sluggish circulation and release toxins.

Dry skin Brushing
This form of body brushing, helps to stimulate circulation.

How to use: The technique involves using a brush, which is worked over the whole body.

The brush should be used upwards towards the heart, this helps to improve circulation and stimulate your venous system.

Interestingly, dry skin brushing artificially wakes up the hormone cortisol, so be sure to perform it early in the morning, for best results.

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