According to the analysts Euro monitor International, the worldwide sunscreen market is a four and a half billion dollar industry.

Whilst the financial cost may be staggering, this is nothing compared to the cost to our health, especially with all the bad press around sun lotion.

The Controversy

Lately here at The Naked Chemist, we have been researching ingredients that provide natural sun protection.

After writing the article on the natural and organic skin care standards, I was surprised to learn that there is little regulation around sun lotion.

Even more worrying than that, is it is now being suggested that many of the chemicals in sunscreens are actually increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Apparently, even some of the most tried and trusted sun lotion products on the market, are coming into question.

Manufacturers of these sun lotion brands in question have been quick to combat these harmful messages, suggesting that such statements are ill informed.

The reality is however, that there is a lot of controversy surrounding sun tan lotion, and in the last two years alone, six absorbers have been put under review.

Armed with this rather alarming information, we decided to dig a little deeper so that we could share our findings with you:

Controversial Ingredients

  • The ingredient PABA, has now been banned in most countries
  • Camphor benzalkonium methosulfate, has had its maximum concentration reduced from 6% to 3%
  • Benzophene-3 has also been reduced from 10% to 6%
  • The ingredient 4-methyl benzilidene camphor, is allowed up to 4% in any concentration
  • The use of micronised zinc oxide is also banned at present, and is awaiting further review

The Naked Truth

The reality is, that these key ingredients found in our sun lotions are actually dangerous chemicals, which could potentially be doing more harm than good! 

So much damage in fact, that many of them have been taken off the market, or had their levels significantly reduced, due to possible health concerns.

This is extremely worrying….

So what is the answer, well not all manufacturers are just concerned about the bottom line.

Some companies, are doing a really good job of creating natural formulas that offer sun protection.

My advice, as it always with when I research controversial products, is become your own label detective.

Only then can you have peace of mind, that what you’re putting on your skin is actually safe to use.

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