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Home Remedies for Acne

Home Remedies for Acne

Have you ever fallen an internet rabbit hole?

You start with an innocent click in Google search and come up for air hours later, none the wiser.

That is definitely the case with acne because the problem is, there is not one miracle cure.

But stress no more, with many years of working as an aesthetician under my belt,

I know all too well that acne is a skin condition that benefits from an integrated, therapeutic approach.

Fortunately, there are a number of home remedies for acne that will help to target cutibacterium acnes:

Home Remedies for acne

Spot Treatment

If you are looking for a natural spot solution, then tea tree oil is your best bet. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial, and so will stop the growth of acne bacteria in its tracks.

Simple and effective, tea tree oil is the main ingredient in many natural topical treatments.

RESQ Anti-blemish Complex is our tried and tested spot treatment, which contains a synergistic blend of naturally-derived salicylic acid, white clay, and sulfur.

This is one of the best home remedies for cystic acne, the type of acne that presents itself as papules and pustules. Salicylic acid is a gentle yet effective treatment, even used at a low dosage of just 1%, it will improve your breakouts.

Toner Treatment

Witch Hazel is not your immediate “go-to” against acne, but it will help to a certain degree. It’s anti-inflammatory and has astringent properties, so it’s great at getting rid of oil and zit-triggering dirt.

Witch hazel will help your skin to produce less oil, which is good news for those folks prone to oil-induced pimples. And here’s a nice little bonus – your pores will look smaller, but only temporarily, because remember you can’t shrink pores permanently.

Mask Treatment

Clay can have a very powerful, healing, and drawing effect on the skin; green or white clay masks help to unplug deeply ingrained oil from the skin.

Think of these earth ingredients as moisture magnets, and the thing they’re drawn to most is the dirt and oil in your pores. So, why not give them exactly what they want?

Fuller’s earth is a clay that has wonderful drawing and drying effects on breakouts and the really great thing about clay is that it contains trace minerals, such as Iron Oxide, Calcium, Salt, Copper, Magnesium, and Zinc, which help to restore skin health.

For more information, we folks here at the Naked Chemist created an entire article on the types of clay used in masks, which you may find interesting.

Additional Ingredients you can add to your mask include:

Spirulina: This will provide a whole spectrum of vitamins, which are excellent for healing skin eruptions.

Essential oils: You can boost your antimicrobial, drawing clay mixture further by adding a few drops of Manuka, Lemongrass, Tea tree, Juniper, or Niaouli.

Turmeric: Another great addition to your home remedies for acne is Turmeric. This important Indian spice has wonderful anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties, making it a perfect herb for treating acne. It also has valuable anti-inflammatory properties; adding a small amount to a formula will help to calm inflammation in the skin tissues.

For those wanting more research on the subject of acne home remedies, this is an interesting paper.


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