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Glossary of the Best Oils for Skin

Here at the Naked Chemist, we love everything about oils for the skin.

Why? Because they have so many functions that keep your skin young and healthy.

Your skin naturally secretes sebum made by sebaceous glands and helps keep your skin soft, supple, and balanced. Other lipids play a protective role, making up your skin’s barrier function, sealing in hydration, and protecting against allergens and pathogens.

Think of your skin as a brick wall with skin cells representing the bricks and lipids representing the mortar; these are critical to keeping your skin healthy and minimising water loss, preventing outside chemicals and irritants from entering, which is essential for healthy skin.

To understand oils further and just how important they are, we have compiled a glossary of all the articles that discuss the role of oils in skin health. Enjoy.

Natural skin care oils

Carrier oil glossary

Co2 extraction

Natural oils for skin

Vegetable oil  extraction

Vegetable oils top 10 benefits.

Natural oil for body sprays

Cleansing oil recipes

Facial oils for skin types

Best oil for face for dry skin sufferer

Best face oils for an oily skin

Best oil for skin blemishes

Oils for a sensitive skin

Plantascription for a sensitive thin skin

Plantascription for a dry skin



Jojoba oil benefits

Avocado oil benefits

Macadamia oils benefits

Rosehip seed oil

Castor oil in skincare

Almond oil benefits

Evening primrose oil benefits

Virgin coconut oils

Benefits of coconut oil for skin

Coconut oil for hair

Raspberry seed oil



Good fats for health

Essential fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids, the facts

Omega 3 foods for health

Benefits of fish oil for depression

Fish oil benefits

Omega 6 fatty acids

Best cooking oil for health

Edible oils for health

Good fats and bad fats


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