Getting to Grips with Cosmetic Label Design

We have shared a lot of recipes.

Now that you are busy making homemade formulas, you may even want to start thinking about creating your own labels.

It’s not difficult to get carried away with packaging and labels, with so much choice from custom-designed to silkscreen packaging.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of labeling and packaging, but ideally, you do need to keep it real and keep your costs to a minimum.

Tips on Label Design

Below are a few ways you can approach your skincare labeling, that you may find useful:

  • Rather than paying to get your labels designed by a graphic designer, why not design your own, in order to help to keep your costs down, this way you can get really creative and have fun designing the labels yourself
  • Cosmetic containers can be labeled in two ways. You can choose to either go with a printed label, which can work great for natural or organic companies or alternatively you can print your own skincare labels, by purchasing a high-resolution laser printer
  • Alternatively, you may want to go for a more sophisticated streamlined look and have the text printed directly onto the container. This is a process known as hot stamping or silk screen printing, which is usually offered by the container manufacturer, although if you are just creating homemade products for family and friends it’s not advisable as it can be costly
  • Labels that don’t crease, that are waterproof and slightly elastic such as vinyl or polyamide, are slightly more superior and therefore more expensive
  • Finally, be sure that you choose the type of label that suits the look and feel of your products, it needs to perfectly portray the brand of your company, so you may want to consider hiring a graphic designer

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