Facial Analysis, how to really understand your skin

Think how lucky you are
That the skin you live in,
So beautifully holds the “You” who’s within!

The reason a facial analysis is so important when I am giving a treatment, is twofold:

  • A diagnoses gives me the opportunity, to thoroughly analyse my clients skin
  • Once armed with this knowledge, I am then equipped to perform the best treatment for them


Facial Analysis

During consultation these are the type of questions I ask before a facial analysis:

  • Do they have any known allergies
  • Do they suffer from digestive problems
  • Are they taking any acne medication
  • Are they suffering from any hormonal issues
  • Are they suffering from fatigue or sleep at all
  • Do they suffer from sensitive skin conditions, such as rosacea
  • Have they had any past cosmetic treatments, if so what kind and how long ago

If my client has been taking acne medication, I establish for how long.

If it was longer than six months I won’t treat the skin, this is because acne medication can thin the skin.

Medical Questions

I also get a thorough background of my client’s family and medical history.

Have they had a hysterectomy and if so, were their ovaries removed, did this occur, when they were age 35 or below?

The reason I ask, is because it can cause premature menopause, which can reduce collagen production.

Have they ever had chemotherapy, if so how much and were they below the age of 30?

Chemotherapy can also cause premature menopause, as well as stress in the body.

I also like to know, if they have been a former smoker.

This is important because smoking chokes the skin of oxygen, causing premature ageing. It can also prevent important antioxidants and nutrients, getting through to the skin.

Alcohol intake
How many standard glasses do they have a week?

Anything over four glasses stimulates hormones in the skin, known as oestrogen receptors.

Interestingly, it can also severely increase the risk of breast cancer.

As harsh as it may sound, I remind my clients that alcohol is a poison and that the body needs to detoxify itself regularly.

Chronic unrelenting stress, this can play havoc on the skin and break down collagen.

I try to ascertain what my clients stress levels are like and how they deal with stress, I also give advice on stress, smoking and alcohol intake, and how it can adversely effect the skin.

The article, is your lifestyle sabotaging your looks, discusses how lifestyle factors can affect the body.

Not sure where to begin with your skin?

Our skin is a living organ that is constantly changing and we need to treat it as such, this is why the Naked Chemist product range is all about customisation, so you can treat a number of skin conditions depending on your skins daily requirements.

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