Face Analysis: Determining your skin health

You can learn a lot just by scanning your eyes over someone’s skin.

You instinctively know when someone is unwell, tired or stressed, as their skin can often look lined or furrowed.

A face analysis is an important diagnostic tool, by learning how to read your face, you can get a great overview of your skin.

And the beauty of a facial analysis – excuse the pun – it will help you make informed choices about your skin.

Visual face analysis


Dark circles under your eyes can be an indication of ill health, whilst bags under your eyes can indicate a build-up of fluid in the eye area.

This could suggest there’s a problem with an under-active thyroid. A slow thyroid means the energy system in the cell is low; therefore, a response to treatment is slow.

If we feel it is a thyroid problem, we always refer our clients to their doctor.

Pale skin

Another thing we look out for in visual face analysis is skin colour.

Sometimes, pale skin can indicate a lack of iron; many pre-menopausal women are anaemic; If iron stores are low, this can mean the body stops producing collagen, and a lack of collagen can lead to premature ageing. If you are concerned about iron levels, consult a doctor for a correct diagnosis.

Face shape

A face analysis will help to identify skin tone and tightness, which can actually say a lot about someone.

For instance, if the lateral brow is sagging, it can mean the growth hormone is low, volume loss in the cheeks or lose jowls, can mean there is a growth hormone deficiency.

As we age gravity pulls everything down, so maybe now is the time to invest in that new cosmeceutical cream, our anti-ageing duo is a great place to start, to help with the different stages of ageing.

The importance of a face analysis

Hopefully, you can now begin to see why a good skin analysis is important, especially if you are concerned about your skin health. In fact, we never carry out a treatment without a thorough consultation.

We carry out an analysis every time we see a client, even if we have a record of their skin from a previous treatment because the skin is so susceptible to external and internal changes, the next time we could be creating a completely different condition.


If we find someone is suffering from any of the above conditions, they don’t respond to a treatment plan as well as a healthy person.

To get to the root of the problem, a visual skin analysis is not enough as a stand-alone treatment; it needs to be part of a package that takes into consideration the following; sleep, exercise, medical history, dietary problems and so on.

As for skincare specialists, we feel it is essential to be thorough – especially before performing a treatment. Otherwise, your skin won’t respond well to the treatment.

If you are planning on assessing your own skin, write down a list of things that could influence how your skin looks and feels, then you will be armed with all the tools you need to know exactly what your skin needs, to treat it effectively.

If you have a question, please do email us, we’d be more than happy to help you return to skin back to its healthy state.

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