Exfoliating treatments, buffing your way to beauty

The very action of exfoliation actually stimulates the blood flow.

Infusing the dermis with nutrients, through its rich network of capillaries, making the skin appear healthy and glowing.

I believe a good exfoliating treatment, is all about preparing the skins delicate tissues well in advance.

Because only then will the skin get the full benefit of the carefully prescribed active ingredients, bringing much needed nourishment to the underlying tissues.

The focus of exfoliating treatments should be all about calming inflammation and regeneration.

Otherwise you could easily end up over stimulating the skins natural exfoliation process, which can lead to premature ageing.

The Consultation Process

There are a number of key factors I try to establish before a treatment, this I do during the facial beauty analysis process.

  • I look at why the skin cells have accumulated on the skin in the first place
  • I look at my clients diet and establish if essential fatty acids are lacking, which can cause the skin to become really dull, dry and flaky
  • Does my clients use products that contain alcohol? if they are to astringent for the skin, this can cause the skin to become dry and dehydrated and a build-up of keratinized cells on the surface
  • If the skin is dry and depleted, I try to determine the underlying causes, this includes the age of the client. This is an overriding factor, especially when it comes to the condition of the skin, as cellular renewal processes do start to slow down as we age
  • Are there signs of forced over exfoliation anywhere on the skin? If so I have to work with my client to put the skin on a program of renewal and repair, in order to restore the healthy barrier that has now become undermined

Lifestyle factors such as ill health, medication and poor diet, are also areas that I cover during the consultation process.

I find they are really key areas to focus on, if I am going to get to the route of my clients skin concerns.

For more information on treating the skin, read my article on skin analysis.

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