Can Exercising Reverse the Signs of Ageing?

Can Exercising Reverse the Signs of Ageing?

Can exercising regularly help to slow down signs of ageing?

Lately, a lot of interesting research is now being carried out in this field.

Dr Walter Bortz

Dr. Bortz is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University.

He began researching the benefits of exercising after his own personal experience of breaking his leg.

After 6 weeks of his leg being in a cast, he found his leg was withered, to the point where it looked as though it belonged to someone much older.

On the back of this discovery, he started carrying out his own exercise programs on people aged 70 and above.

What he found was really interesting:

If someone starts a program of moderate activity for 6 months, they can expect their oxygen transporting ability to be improved by some fifteen years.

However, if they went on to achieve an athlete’s level of conditioning, they can potentially regain 30 years ‘maximum optimum potential’ or V0/2.

They also experience many of the physiological and psychological effects of rejuvenation, which I discussed here yesterday.

Dr Bortz’s research also found that a lack of exercise can produce bodily changes that were parallel to those associated with ageing, but with regular sustained exercise, the onset of ageing can be greatly reduced.

He quoted in his article, “Running as Armour“, that exercise as you age is imperative!

Because exercise appears front and centre as the behavioural fact of life, that threatens health as we age.

The Naked Truth

Lately, we are becoming more aware of the amazing physiological benefits exercise has on the body as a whole.

Movement lubricates the muscles, ligaments and joints.

If we become sedentary, those muscle groups that hold us upright, become unevenly matched, joints begin to stiffen and suffer from wear and tear.

Then we become less likely to move, because it is not so comfortable; this is known as premature ageing.

So maybe the idea, that the best anti-ageing supplement you can take for your health is exercising, is not that far fetched?

I’m not suggesting for a minute that anyone can cheat old age, but living a long healthy life, without any of the diseases associated with ageing, might be as close as we can get to slowing down the ageing process.

As the research clearly shows, an energetic, free-moving body can help to take years off, so the next time you go to reach for the next quick fix, or anti-ageing supplement.

Maybe it’s a good idea to throw away those tablets and put on your running shoes instead.

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