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Why Essential Oils are the Perfect Treat for Your Dry Skin

Do you suffer from dry skin?

Then essential oils may become your new best friend.

Just check out their list of benefits below:

  • repair and heal dull, flaky skin
  • stimulate the growth of new cells
  • encourage the removal of dead skin cells
  • some contain chamazulene to help calm and soothe
  • they gently break down adhesions between skin cells and repair an impaired barrier

With so many benefits, you can see why we love essential oils here at the Naked Chemist.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the essential oils for dry skin.

Essential Oil Benefits 

We absolutely love essential oils here at the Naked Chemist.

They are clever plant compounds with active and healing components with a natural affinity with your skin.

Unlike synthetic fragrances, pure essential oils are incredibly healing and have potent healing benefits that work with your skin’s chemistry for synergistic healing.

If you have a dry skin type, you don’t need us to tell you it doesn’t produce enough sebum (oil).

Your skin often feels tight, and premature ageing is evident early on with fine lines that run horizontally across your skin.

Fortunately, several essential oils can help stimulate sebum production and balance secretions, and these include the following:

  • chamomile
  • neroli
  • rose otto
  • geranium
  • Palma rosa
  • rosewood
  • sandalwood
  • german chamomile
  • blue tansy

This study (1) was conducted on children with eczema and showed that regular application of specific essential oils helped relieve their skin conditions.

Essential Oils That Boost Circulation

Did you know that your skin naturally regulates your body temperature? Cool hey.

This is done by a process referred to as vasodilation and vasoconstriction through the superficial capillaries and sudoriferous glands.

These clever little glands help control sweat production in the skin and regulate the body’s core temperature through sweat evaporation.

This research (2) found that some critical essential oils will not only help your dry skin but also play a role in encouraging microstimulation within your skin’s tissues; examples of these oils include:

  • german chamomile
  • geranium
  • rose otto
  • Rosemary
  • lemon

Essential Oils That Calm Sensitivity

You may find that your dry skin is associated with sensitivity and is often inflamed, or you may even have signs of eczema.

Some essential oils for dry skin have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that are calming and gentle and help soothe your skin.

  • german chamomile
  • yarrow
  • blue tansy
  • neroli
  • helichrysum

Barrier Repair Balm harnesses the healing benefits of blue tansy due to its soothing, antibacterial and skin-repairing properties.

To Conclude. The naked truth

An important part of treating dry skin is boosting circulation, and essential oils for dry skin conditions are a great way to increase the tiny capillaries close to the surface of the skin.

One caveat is that they need to be used with respect. Understanding the chemical constitution of essential oils is very important because, when misused, they can irritate and inflame your skin.

Remember that when using pure essential oils, don’t use them neat; you’ll always want to dilute them in a carrier oil.

If in doubt, why not use them just in your body care products and avoid using them in your facial care products? That way, you will still reap their wonderful benefits.

If you want to learn more about the valuable properties of wonderful essential oils. You may find the following article interesting


1. Evaluation of massage with essential oils on childhood atopic eczema

2. The role of essential oils and their main compounds in the management of cardiovascular disease 

21 replies on “Why Essential Oils are the Perfect Treat for Your Dry Skin”

Please help me, I have ichthyosis vulgaris and it’s really scally, I have tried neem and argan oil yet no change. The most pressing one is the marks I have on my skin due to a bad thing I used. Please tell me what to do so I can get my confidence back.

Hi Teresa

I would custom blend the essential oils and make sure your really dilute them down in an oil base. It might be nice to also add them to your moisturiser. Remember if you have sensitive or compromised skin do avoid the use of them. Kind regards Samantha

Hi Samantha the palms of my hands have pimple soars that are itchy I mean beyond itchy I have seen a dermatologist and he has prescribed lyderm o.o5 I apply the cream when the pimple appears and itching starts I apply twice then the pimple dries up I also take Benadryl as it controls the itch however the down side is the skin becomes so dry so I apply Eczema creams not good my hands ? burn and and start to ich very bad red inflamed any suggestions may be it’s not eczema ?


I would love to advise how to treat this but it is out of my remit, you have a conditions referred to as Dyshidrotic eczema and i know these blisters can be totally itchy. All I know from my experience through my customers is that it can be due to being in contact with something new? So elimination maybe the key. Apologies i can not be more help Kind regards samantha

My skin was damaged when I came down with sepsis. The bacteria severely injured my liver and now it’s like my skin has no sebum whatsoever. I’m basically living on oils at this point. Can you please tell me which oils will help restore sebum production? Thanks

Hi Ryan
Oils alone will not help, you need a lipid repairing moisturiser that is replenishing, also you need to take internal fatty acids, read my article on linoleic acid and look out for my net article on barrier repair cream, it may make more sense. Using just oils long term can actually make your skin quite dry, not sure if you were aware of this? Samantha

Hi Samantha, I’m 47 and have very dry sensitive skin, my face especially. I’m reading some of your other responses and I’m wondering if I should stay away from essential oils on my face and can you recommend an alternative? I do have eczema but it only flares up in the winter months.

Hi lisa

So as we mature hyaluronic acid depletes in the skin along with other skin identical ingredients. The other factor could be that you are not taking enough fatty acids internally see my article it can really make a huge difference to your skin. I to have very dry skin so I have worked for a number of years on a skin identical formula or should i say formulas that I am really loving, this is the BIO Lipid complex and Fortify my barrier defense cream and they are really really lovely for a dry skin, not only because they are packed full of skin identical ingredients that are missing for a dry skin. These are soon to be released I can let you know when exactly if you like.

I hope this helps and please take a read of this although using oils alone will long term ironically make your skin more dry. Some skin types do not bode well with essential oils especially those prone to sensitivity which is me so i choose to avoid them, you may want to consider this also. Kind regards Samantha and good luck.

Hi Samantha! I’ve noticed in the last year or so that I have dry, rough patches on the tops of my feet. I have tried soaking and light exfoliation followed by a natural whipped body butter. But it’s still dry and rough, would essential oils help? Thanks!

Hi Erin
No essential oils won’t work in this case sorry it requires something more like a humectant, see my article on Urea and the comments. Feet need regular exfoliation also and it could be your posture?

My skin is so dry that just rubbing my hand on it will cause it to flake off. Sometimes I take a nail brush to it to get relief. Then there is my right foot take has so many layers of dry skin that if it swells just a bit it feels strangled. I have been looking into essential oils for the last couple of months. Do you have any suggestions for my dry skin and foot? I am overwhelmed by so many essential oils to choose from. Thank you in advance.

Hi Janet.

It sounds like you have either eczema or dermatitis and I would recommend going to see dermatologist because what you are describing s beyond just dry skin, check out this article ….. and these I hate to say this but essential oils can be a real irritant on dry skin especially lavender so use only non fragranced products. Also for your feet check out a product called callus peel it is absolutely amazing i really recommend it. I apologise I can’t be more help from this far distance with your poorly skin, Samantha

I have Roseau I have very dry forehead an flaky at times .i was curious if oils would help with it

Hi Greta
Rosacea is a very complex condition to treat, just because there are so many things going on within the skin. Look for humectant igredients such as hyaluronic acid in your products. You actually need to avoid the use of Essential oils and fragrances with this skin condition as they can be really irritating..less really is best! Please refer to my articles on Rosacea and sensitive skin for more information. Samantha x

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