Enhance Your Eyes With These Great Eye Makeup Tips

The eyes are the first thing we notice about a person.

No matter what emotion someone has, it can be conveyed through their eyes.

It is this communicative quality that makes our eyes so beautiful.


These beauty industry insider eye makeup tips,

They will teach you how to make your eyes really expressive.

Creating the emotion you want them to convey.


Eye liners add definition and impact to any lash line, which can be used to compliment any eye look.


This eye product is so easy to apply; it comes in a pot and is applied with a brush.

You only get one chance to nail eye liner and gel liner delivers every time.

  • With the flat end of the brush, apply the liner from the outer corner of your eye working in.
  • Press the brush onto the lid, wiggling it slightly as you work across the eye.
  • Keep moving the pencil inward, slightly overlapping as you go.


The texture of your eye liner pencil should be soft and creamy, if it is too hard, it will be impossible to apply.

Purchase a kohl pencil, they are soft and easy to use and their pigments are a lot more intense than the average eye liner.

The waxy texture of kohl makes it feel a lot more comfortable against the inner rim of the eyes.

To draw an eye line with a pencil, apply your liner as close to the lash line as possible and use short strokes which should slightly overlap each other.

Correct eye makeup tips, should recommend drawing dots along the lashes and blend together with a smudger, which will help to create a softer look.

Want to create the perfect eye liner look, read the article how to apply eyeliner like a pro!


This will help to create a look for softly defined eyes.

First line along the top and bottom lashes with powder; ideally your powder should be applied with a fine brush as close to the roots as possible.



These help to create a really well defined line and are great for night time.

Be careful with their application, they can be unforgiving if you don’t have a steady hand to apply them.

Good eye makeup tips for applying liquid liner, is to wipe off any excess with a tissue first, this will help to give you complete control over your application.

Pull your eyelid taught so the skin doesn’t crease, if the eye is crepe it can create a broken line.

Then draw the liquid first in one direction and then another, making sure you go all the way across the lid.

This will help to give definition and prevent the line from becoming cracked.

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