Ditch the Weight Loss Diet for Great Skin

All you need is love, but a little chocolate
now and then doesn’t hurt.
           Charles M. Schulz

We’re going to break from our main focus skin care and discuss the weight loss diet.

A frustrating ongoing battle that many have to deal with.

Every New Year or summer holiday, we start with the best of intentions, embarking on a simple quick fix diet as a means to lose weight quickly.

For many dieters, it is easy to rely on outside influence to boost our will power.

For some reason it seems the more we diet, the more gimmicks or fad diets we follow, the ease and simplicity of a calorie controlled diet and liquid supplements, is usually a preferred choice for many, as they look for a crutch to lean on.

Most of us have been there at some point!

Lured in by glossy advertisements that try to make us believe, that by following their weight loss diet tips we will look ever more beautiful, healthier and slimmer.

Have you noticed how they are always offering the same advice, eat less and exercise more, linking obesity with energy intake?

This type of weight loss diet plan suggests that the energy input or food intake is higher than energy output, which is what happens when we exercise.

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Weight Loss Diet Myth

The energy that isn’t burnt, is stored in a concentrated form as accumulated fat for future use,

So when you cut down on your calories the body draws on these reserves, which is when weight is lost.

Whilst this is true to a point, the problem is with this type of thinking, is that it ignores the subtle ways in which the body adapts and regulates itself.

Our body uses different metabolic mechanisms at its disposal, which are unique to each individual person, this weight loss diet tends to disregard our individual characteristics and genetic makeup, that make each one of us unique.

There have been a number of medical studies that demonstrate the variations in energy intake between slim, ordinary, fat and obese people differ considerably.

Clinical studies have found that individuals differ metabolically during exercise.

The energy intake that is necessary to maintain a stable weight when we exercise, this can differ significantly between athletes, ranging from 2500 to 12,000 calories.

One weight loss diet study found, that one athlete was able to maintain his weight easily during training, by consuming only 2500 calories a day.

Whilst another athlete required 6000 calories daily, to ensure he lost no weight and was able to maintain peak performance.

The article could exercise be the new anti aging supplements, takes a fascinating look at the role of exercise on the body.

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