Deforestation Facts, the plight of our rain forests

Rain forests are a celebration of nature, the most vivid part of the culture in many countries.

Every day, we benefit from the existence of these wonderful rain forests, it’s quite shocking to think then, that we significantly contribute to their destruction on a daily basis.

The price of deforestation

This is a major problem, it is clearing the rain forests on a massive scale, we certainly pay a high price for the demand for hardwood in the West, in order to live in luxury and kit out our modern homes.

This by no means reflects the full cost of their production, especially the long term cost of tree removal and deforestation, in remote areas of West Africa and Borneo.

The original extent of the rain forest was 16 million square kilometers, yet shockingly only half of that remains today, these tropical rain forests, are being burned and bulldozed at a rate of 160,000 square kilometers each year.

If nothing is done to slow it down, it is estimated that the rain forests could completely disappear in the next hundred years if deforestation continues at this rate. If you want to find out more, then this site on what is deforestation goes into greater depth.

Effects of deforestation

As tree felling increases, it causes a band of the forest around the equator to become less green, this has a dramatic effect on climate stability. It affects convection currents, wind patterns, and rainfall regimes, with far-reaching consequences, even more, significant is the climatic disruption, caused by the build-up of carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere. A subject that is discussed further in this article on top environmental concerns.

Emissions of CO 2 account for more than half the greenhouse affects, this threatens to bring about drastic climatic and ecological change, through the process of global warming; every year, an addition of 4,000 million tons of carbon accumulates in the atmosphere.

Roughly 30% of these surpluses are estimated to derive directly from tree removal and accelerated burning of rain forests.

You can find out further information on exactly how deforestation affects our planet, by reading the devastating effects of tree removal from Rain Forests. Please spread the word and help to save our trees, animals, and planet.

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