8 important steps in website marketing

Many people who start a business, make one big mistake

They think by simply creating some local marketing initiatives and a nice product, it’s enough to bring traffic to their site.

Unfortunately this is no longer the case, in such a competitive environment.

In this world of information, local business marketing is simply not enough to reach a wide audience.

You need to develop some online business tools, in order to maximize the potential from this free form of advertising.

Yet for many the very thought of putting their business online is overwhelming, they are often put off by the costs involved when hiring a website designer.

Fortunately with these simple internet business marketing tips.

You will find that you can create and launch your own simple and effective website, for your business in no time at all.

Website creation

I recommend starting out by creating a simple blog and writing interesting and informative articles based around your business.

Include topical keywords within the title and the body of the text, that are relevant to your subject.

Five to eight hundred well seeded words of quality content, with your chosen keywords in, should begin to help your pages to get noticed.

It is important to make sure that your keywords all look as natural as possible within your article, this helps searchers of specific keywords and closely related words find your site easier.


To get off first base it is important to register your site with a host provider.

Once you have chosen a domain name, you can then submit it to the host provider of your choice, an example of which is Host Gator or Go

Each host provider will have its own specific guidelines for submission.

I recommend Host gator, I found them really helpful and they offer an online 24 hour help desk, which I found invaluable when I was starting out.

However any good business marketing guide will tell you, that by simply creating a word press site and getting it hosted through a service provider, it is not going to be enough to get your business off the ground.

With so much competition you can’t just put up a web site and expect it to be found amongst all the million of other sites available.

This is where link building and SEO online business marketing strategies come in useful.

Search Engine Optimisation

How internet search engines like Google work, is that they send out an automated spider that retrieves data from your pages, and then places them all in a central data base.

It is actually possible to influence how they catalogue your site by adding HTML, title tags, meta description tags and meta keyword tags.

For those who are not technically minded you can hire an SEO specialist.

These are on line experts who will help you to get your pages ranked higher, who will also help you take advantage of any free advertising on line, ensuring  your business gets more exposure, so that potential customers will find you more easily.


These are important because they determine the level of traffic that comes to your website.

It is also important to realize that you will need to write a lot of articles for other peoples sites, in order to get your business marketing message out to a large and diverse audience.

This style of content creation and search engine optimization really appeals to the big three online providers, that we know as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Google is especially concerned with links that go into and out of a site.

The most important type of links are known as one way links, which is when you post articles on other peoples websites and include a link that points back to your site.

If your website stands out from the rest and is informative and topically relevant, then you will have more chance of engaging a much larger audience, this will encourage potential customers to refer and link to your website, whilst building up a loyal fan base.

The Naked Truth

Obviously I appreciate how busy it can be running a business especially in the world of  beauty and skincare, simply because it is such a hands on industry.

So having to think about creating a website and marketing and advertising a small business on line is often the last things you have on your mind.

However in my opinion this is one vital ingredient you cannot afford to overlook, if you want your business to become a real success.

Once you get some natural organic traffic, then you can look to upgrade your website and add the beauty and spa services you provide, but until you have a nice steady stream of local traffic there really is no point.

Fortunately there are numerous resources available about creating websites for beginners, but it does take time to sort through the exhausting amount of information, and because of this most people fail before they have even begun.

This is unfortunate, because I have found first hand that with a little persistence, marketing your business on line can help it to become very successful, helping you to reach a much wider and more diverse audience.

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