Creating our own labels

It has to be said that packaging is a critical part of the skincare product’s overall presentation.

The product has to stand out and look visually appealing,

Especially as potential customers, try to make sense of all the skincare brands lining the department store shelves.

Within the skincare industry, it is known as the silent salesman.

The first moment of truth is when the customer decides whether they want to commit to purchasing the skin care product for the first time.

Research has shown, that statistically 50% of customers are drawn to a specific cosmetic product, purely due to its packaging,

This goes to show how emotive packaging really can be.

If you think about it, shopping for beauty purchases is a very sensory experience, what often happens, is that before we even get to the contents, were drawn to the packaging first.

We agree that differentiation is definitely important for packaging, whether that is achieved through the use of brightly coloured designs, bold graphics, or even a simple clinical look.

This is especially true for skincare companies who are jockeying for an already overcrowded market share.

We always like to be a little bit different here at The Naked Chemist! So we have to admit, the packaging does come second for us.

Our main focus is all about harnessing the fresh, potent ingredients within a formula.

Then working out how we can deliver this to my clients and customers so that their skin can truly benefit from the fresh, active ingredients.

As a company we wouldn’t be doing our clients and customers justice if we focused more on high-end packaging, and less on harnessing the active ingredients.

What will always come first and will continue to do so, is creating exceptional formulas, that deliver optimum results for our clients and customers skin, time and time again.


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