Creating Homemade Facial Masks

Creating Homemade Facial Masks

Homemade facial masks.

They can work miracles, leaving skin positively radiant.

They are extremely nourishing and healing, and can return a devitalised skin to a youthful, radiant glow.

Facial masks can be formulated with a whole array of ingredients, depending on the skin type.

Dry skin: A homemade face mask with moisturising humectants will give a dehydrated skin an intense hydration boost.

Oily, acne skin: A mask with drawing properties such as clay, is perfect for oily skin.

They help to draw out excess grease and impurities from the pores, giving the skin a really deep cleanse.

If you are wanting to create a facial mask that helps absorb oil and removes that oily shine which appears throughout the day, clay masks can help to control excess oil, clearing away troublesome blemishes.

These masks can be made using only a water additive, or can be added to a cream base, where extra moisturisation is required.

Gel homemade facial masks

For a dry, sensitive skin, homemade facial masks made from a gel base are perfect.

You can incorporate many different ingredients:

These are all good examples of soothing additives that can be added to gel masks; the perfect formula for someone suffering with an inflamed skin or even sunburn.

Exfoliating Homemade Masks

Often, a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface can lead to blockages in the skin and cause our skin to look dull.

Those readers that know me well will appreciate that I try to avoid inflammation on the skin.

Therefore, enzymatic ingredients such as papaya or pineapple make an ideal inclusion to your mask. They slough off dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, without causing tiny micro tears in the skin.

Homemade Cream Facial Masks

These are ideal for a dry, mature skin type.

A homemade facial mask containing lots of lovely emollients and lipids will help to boost the skin’s moisture levels.

They have a similar action on the skin as an intensive moisturiser treatment and can be left on the skin for up to fifteen minutes, or even overnight, for a great hydrating treatment.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to get creative with masks, so there is no excuse.

Start planning your girl’s night in ladies, and treat yourself to a lovely nourishing facial mask, for the ultimate in perfectly pampered skin.

If you want to take the leg work out of making your own natural face mask, the Naked Chemist ‘Activate‘ powder-to-paste mask range is a lovely base that can be customised, depending on your skin requirements.

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