Counting calories to lose weight, doesn’t work

Do you find yourself counting calories?

Well, there may just be good reason for that.

Why those who obsessively count calories to lose weight, who starve their bodies into submission, still end up obese.

This is due to the fact, that our bodies are designed in such a way, that when calories are reduced it goes into crisis mode.

Counting calories to lose weight

Lately I have been discussing why weight loss diets don’t work.

This article takes the controversial subject of diet one step further.

We naturally store some of the intake of calories into reserves, this is in case we need calories at a later date.

Our body is not designed to distinguish between a diet and a dry period, it instinctively knows, whether the small amount of food it has been given is the last.

When we diet what actually happens, is that our defence mechanism steps up a gear, it literally holds onto the food for longer.

To give you an example of this, during a diet we have a tendency to eat food we can’t resist, such as a chocolate bar, we guiltily eat this bar of chocolate and before we know its all gone, this is a simple and natural response.

What is happening is that our body is beginning to prepare for the possibility that the chocolate is the last chance it may have to stock up.

This triggers a cocktail of chemicals, which are programmed to act on your behalf, in terms of SURVIVAL, not in terms of your WAISTLINE.

This is why you don’t want to get hung up on food, after all it is there to be enjoyed, instead eat nutritiously and follow a healthy food guide, one that will help you sustain your weight naturally.

The naked truth

Quite simply, trying to lose weight rapidly is against your body’s natural programming, counting calories to lose weight simply doesn’t work long term.

Dieting requires you to be in a biologically unnatural state, where energy intake is less than energy expenditure, your mind and body quickly hears alarm bells and resorts to stronger tactics, in order to persuade you to eat normally.

The best diet plan for weight loss is not about continually counting calories to lose weight, one that will only last for a short period of time, which is then abandoned for former unhealthy, eating patterns.

The idea is that you embrace a whole new concept of nourishing yourself, choose from food groups that are full of variety and taste good to eat, overtime what you will find, is that you will naturally fall into a pattern that is easy to follow.

Realistically, there is always going to be occasions when you can’t follow these general principles, you don’t have to berate yourself for falling off the wagon from time to time,

Guilt shouldn’t play a part, simply go back to your original pattern of eating well, and before long this will become habit forming and soon you will find that you will always automatically reach for the next healthy option.

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