Common myths relating to lotion making

This chapter has been all about creating formulations for lotion making.

We have been looking at exactly what is involved when it comes to creating your own home-made products.

To finish this chapter, we wanted to dispel some of the common myths that circulate around the skincare industry.

Antioxidants act like preservatives

This is incorrect; antioxidants only help to prevent fats within a formula from going rancid.

Preservatives actively help to eliminate bacteria and mould growing in your products.

Skincare creams should be free of preservatives.

We completely disagree; all products should contain preservatives, any product that contains water encourages bacteria and mould, which is really dangerous.

If you’re interested in finding out more information on this subject, you may find the article, “What are Parabens” useful.

A skin cream does not have to be reasonable pH

As an aesthetician, I am always amazed at how many people believe that your skin somehow, naturally, balances itself.

Maintaining the pH of your skin is vital – it is our protective barrier and needs to stay stable. If you use astringent products on your skin, they can potentially strip your skin; creating inflammation, undermining the barrier function, which can ultimately lead to breakouts, infection, and sensitisation.

This is a topic covered in greater detail in the article, “The Soap and Water Debate“.


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