Common Eye Conditions

Common Eye Conditions

Our eyes reveal a lot about our health.

And there are a number of conditions that can affect our eyes.

Puffy Eyes

Puffy Swollen Eye

As we age, the fat pad that cushions the eye starts to pull away from the bone around the eyes.

This gravity causes sagging skin, which has a lot to do with puffiness under the eyes.

Puffy eyes are often more noticeable first thing in the morning; this is quite natural, due to the fact that water redistributes to the head whilst we sleep.

Dark Circles

Common Eye Conditions - Dark Circles Under Eyes

This is a common condition.

And there are a few reasons as to why you may be suffering from dark circles under eyes:

  • Eye conditions can be hereditary
  • Because the skin is so thin in this area, surface veins are more apparent; making the area look dull and sallow
  • Conditions can be due to a vascular problem. The blue-black tinge can be caused by blood passing through tiny capillaries, which are located just below the skin’s surface. They will often become more apparent when we get tired
  • If your eyes are naturally set back in the socket more than usual, this can shroud the eyes in shadow, which is created by the bone structure around the eye. This can also give the impression of dark circles

It may also be a sign you are lacking in iron, so it may be worth getting your levels checked out. Check out my article, “How to Get Rid of Dark Circles” for an insight into interesting research regarding this condition.


Common Eye Conditions - Milia

These eye conditions are characteristic of small white cysts, usually found below the eyes, they are deep seated, white bumps that sit just under the surface of the skin.

In the beauty industry, these hard white lumps are referred to as milia.

Milia are simply tiny pockets of normal skin that have become slightly indented, and have sealed over; trapping dead skin cells in the pores.

Never try to squeeze the lumps from the skin; you will only damage the delicate area and cause broken capillaries – the tiny little veins. Ideally, you should consult a beauty therapist, who will extract them to prevent scarring.

Alternatively using gentle exfoliating products, or a product that contains Retin A or Glycolic Acid, will help to dissolve the build up of skin cells.

The following link offers a great pictorial step by step guide, of how to get rid of milia.

The Naked Truth

I recommend using a specific eye cream, one that has been specifically formulated for the eye area.

Some people make the mistake of using their facial moisturiser and other skin care products around their eyes in an attempt to replenish lost moisture and restore suppleness.

However, this only smothers the already-thin skin with rich moisturiser, which is too much for the delicate eye area to cope with. This can lead to puffiness, milia, and under eye bags.

All you need to do is apply a tiny amount of eye cream to your little finger. Next, press it firmly onto the orbital around the eye.

If you put excess product on, the action of blinking can cause the product to work its way into the eye – so never rub the cream into the skin; instead use a light tapping motion.

Ultimately the aim is to stimulate the circulation and create moisture, without dragging the skin, giving dry eyes the moisture boost they require.

Because there are so many conditions associated with the eyes, I created Ageless Eye Duo to addresses a number of concerns. A handy eye cream and serum that can be used to address your ever-changing eye needs.

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