Comfrey Symphytum Officinale

Comfrey is otherwise known as knitbone or bruisewort.

With nicknames like this you have to admit, this herb sounds a little intriguing.

Comfrey has the unique ability, to accelerate healing of broken bones, it can heal tissues in record time, and prevent the formation of scar tissue.

This wonder herb is often used in skin care products, because it has a real affinity with the skin:

  • Soothing and calming
  • It’s extremely wound healing
  • It’s excellent for inflamed skin conditions
  • Hydrating, it retains moisture in the skin tissues
  • It has wonderful cellular rejuvenating properties

Most importantly, it has a regulating effect on the growth of our skin cells.

Thus making it an extremely useful herb for chronic skin disorders, especially psoriasis, where its action on our skin cells appears to slow down the rate of growth, it has a balancing and normalising action.




The fabulous action of comfrey is due to a substance called allantoin, which is found in the leaf and root of the plant.

Allantoin occurs naturally within the body, it has the amazing ability to stimulate cell growth in connective tissue (our ligaments and muscles), bone and cartilage.

In addition, allantoin diffuses easily into our tissue, enabling the healing effects of this remarkable herb to penetrate deeper.

Injuries heal more quickly and have less chance of scar tissue forming.

Comfrey symphytum officinale has wonderful emollient properties; this is due to the fact that it contains another amino acid asparagine, which is really moisturising.

It also contains a large amount of mucilage, a gelatinous material which creates comfrey’s lovely soothing properties.

For skin applications its best used as a poultice or infused in liquid and used as topical treatment.


  • Comfrey symphytum officinale, is excellent for healing bruises and scrapes effectively
  • It is said to help repair broken bones, fractures and muscle damage
  • One of the main components in comfrey leaf is Allantoin, a compound that is used to hasten skin regeneration, it is known to possess cell proliferating properties which assists tissue healing

Anti Inflammatory

  • Comfrey Root, is packed full of lovely phytosterols, making it a great anti-inflammatory
  • Studies also indicate, that a component of comfrey known as rosmarinic acid also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, helping to calm and soothe stressed skin

Vulnerary and Astringent

  • It contains the amino acid gamma-aminobutryic acid, which has anti-varicose vein properties
  • It also helps with water retention
  • Comfrey is also useful in the healing of minor wounds, both internal and external, it helps to increase cell production encouraging wounds to heal over rapidly


  • It offers wonderful natural anti-bactericidal properties
  • The catechins in comfrey are antiseptic, anti-fungal and antimicrobial

Are you keen to know how to harness the wonderful benefits of this amazing herb, but not sure where to begin? Naturlene treatment balm harnesses the wonderful properties of this plant, helping to deliver penetrative healing and regenerative nourishment to damaged, inflamed skin.

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