Fancy a little pick me up?

Then why not bottle up the good stuff.

This is one of the key health messages behind Coca Cola’s branding.

This makes it one of the most influential brands in existence today.

Coca Cola Branding

The Coca Cola Company is one of the most aggressive marketers in the world, in fact their stated goal is as follows:

To make Coca Cola the preferred drink for any occasion, whether it’s a simple family supper or socialising with friends.

On their website under sustainability, their vision is clearly outlined:

To live positively is our commitment, to make a positive difference in the world by redesigning the way we work and live.

Coca Cola Slogans

Since the company began in 1886, slogans and jingles have set the pace for the advertising.

The central message behind the brand, is one of refreshment, happiness and friendship; An invitation to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures.

A good example is the 2009 campaign “Open happiness,” whilst enjoying an ice cold Coca Cola.

  • Pure as sunlight
  • Open happiness
  • Smile, coke adds life
  • Good till the last drop
  • Pause for refreshment
  • Coca Cola revives and sustains
  • Coca Cola pure drink of natural flavours

It seems that the nostalgia and imagery behind the brand far outweighs the adverse health effects of the drink itself.

In the past three decades, consumption of coke has tripled; In the 1970’s the average teenager consumed twice as much milk as coke.

Today these statistics have been completely reversed, with teenagers consuming more than three times as much coke and soda than milk;.

Even as anti-obesity measures target soft drinks, as one of the leading culprits behind childhood obesity.

Their key message is clever:

Experts have long believed in the connection between happiness and wellness, and Coca-Cola is proud to have played a part in happy occasions around the globe.

So with such a wonderful connection between health and wellness, why are not more nutritionists and health professionals promoting Coca Cola?

It probably has a lot to do with the fact, that they see beyond the branding and understand the real consequences that drinking Coca Cola has on the body.

Coca Cola’s 60 Minute Body Breakdown

15 Minutes
Within the first fifteen minutes, the ten teaspoons of sugar found in one can of coke starts to dump into your system.

But that’s okay, you won’t be HIT by the SUGAR RUSH immediately, or even feel an urge to be sick, because they cleverly add phosphoric acid, an agent that cuts flavour, allowing you to keep the drink down.

The fructose corn syrup STIMULATES the HORMONES Insulin, Leptin, and Ghrelin, this also has an impact on your BLOOD SUGAR levels. Prolonged consumption of diets high in energy from fructose, will lead to increased calorie intake and long term OBESITY.

30 minutes
Blood sugar levels begin to spike creating an INSULIN BURST, and the LIVER begins to turn the sugar to fat.

A high sugar level significantly contributes to HEART DISEASE, especially in those who are insulin resistant or who have elevated blood pressure and blood sugar.

45 Minutes
After forty five minutes you are now well on your way to a CAFFEINE HIGH, as the absorption becomes complete:

  • Pupils start to dilate
  • Blood pressure rises
  • The liver dumps sugar into the bloodstream in an emergency response

The psychological effects of which, increases nervousness, restlessness, rapid heartbeat and irritability.

60 Minutes
After a full hour the coke is starting to ROB THE BONES of calcium. The average bottle of coke contains around 21mg of caffeine and 102 mg of phosphoric acid. The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine providing a further boost in metabolism.

The high concentration of phosphoric acid, upsets the calcium phosphorous ratio in the body, this directly affects the balance of these two important minerals in the diet, which can lead to SERIOUS CALCIUM DEFICIENCY in the BONES.

At this time the diuretic properties of caffeine come into play, making you feel the need for INCREASED URINATION…

This ensure you SECRETE all the GOOD CALCIUM that was headed to your bones, heightening the risk of OSTEOPOROSIS which will only show up years later.

It’s the caffeine content in coke that keeps people hooked! When they try to come of it they suffer WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS.

Did you know that only two to three cans of coke a day is sufficient enough to produce physical dependence, characterised by withdrawal symptoms such as TIREDNESS and HEADACHES.

Dance Of Destruction
Sadly the side effects don’t end there, TOOTH DECAY arises due to high sugar levels; Carbonated drinks have low pH and phosphoric acid is particularly strong and favours the EROSION of DENTAL ENAMEL.

If you put meat in a bowl of coke for a few days most of it will be disintegrated, so it is not difficult to imagine the ORGAN and TISSUE DAMAGE that happens over a period of time, when high levels of coke are consumed on a regular basis.

The Naked Truth
In 1998 Douglas Ivester Cola’s CEO, defended the product by claiming it was quite healthy, he claimed the following:

Fluid replenishment is a key to health, and Coca Cola does a great service because it encourages people to take in more liquids.

It has to be said, that surely it comes down to a question of morals, when the CEO makes a desperate attempt to link Coca Cola to good health, by emphasising water as its main ingredient.

Interestingly he neglected to mention the health benefits of the all-important ingredients, such as phosphoric acid, fructose, caffeine and caramel flavorings.

In y opinion enough can’t be said for the importance of water, after all our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water.

It is an essential nutrient for health that is involved in just about every bodily function, including digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion.

So the next time you plan on reaching for a bottle of Coca Cola, why not reach for a glass of sparkling mineral water instead.

After all you know you can’t beat the real thing, water really does add life.

It would be great to know what Coca Cola means to you..
Does it conjure up fond memories of friendship and family?
Or maybe you have had a health related incident, that has been brought on by consuming to much coke and would love to share it with us….

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