CO2 Extraction, pure, clean, green

I’m on a mission, to SQUEEZE every little drop of goodness from botanicals.

Into each jar of perfectly formulated Naked Chemist seasonal oils.

So when it comes to delicate oils such as Rose hip Seed Oil, I use CO2 extraction methods, which ensures the oil, is as close to the plants original and most purest form as possible.

By keeping temperatures low, this means we can preserve and protect the complete botanical and skin-loving properties of fragile oils like Rosehip and Calendula.


With this method of extraction all is not what it seems.

And I may be going out on a limb here, but in my opinion, this term falls into the category of green washing.

At the end of the extraction process the oil is anything but cold pressed, because despite the name heat is produced through friction which sits around 40˚C.

In order to be marketed as cold-pressed, the temperature must stay below 49˚C.

Yes another clever marketing claim, banded about by my industry to mislead the customer, which gets me SO frustrated.

So what I am saying here; Cold press extraction involves the use of heat and oxygen to be present, which instantly causes oils to oxidise before they have even got to your face!

This you can read all about here.


But stop don’t panic, we have the amazing benefits of CO2 extraction to look forward to:

  • All of the plants components are left in their complete natural state
  • The biological matter has not been treated, with heat or chemical solvents
  • All of the precious oils and soluble properties remain intact

The extraction process takes place in a vacuum where no oxygen is present, so there is no chance of oxidisation.

This is an important factor for delicate oils that have a very short shelf life, and go rancid quickly.

CO2 extraction helps to preserve the lovely botanical properties of the plant, and better still it is free of any nasty microbes, solvents and heavy metals. 

The CO2 extraction process is also environmentally friendly.

So with the end result being free from chemical residue, you can be safe in the knowledge that the oil you are using on your skin is as pure, clean and green as you can possibly get.


The delicate and fragile rose hip seed oil, has a propensity to go rancid quickly.

For instance most of the pure Rose hip seed oil you see lining the department stores shelves are already rancid, sorry to disappoint.

Unless you are purchasing a CO2 extraction, then ideally it should come with a buyer beware label!


Here at the Naked Chemist I use super critical extraction, especially where more of the delicate ingredients are used.

This extraction method uses volcanically-sourced CO2, which means that the oil is kept in its super critical or fluid like state.

Now I can hear you say this is all very technical.

But essentially what this means is that the oil is passed through the raw plant material, thus helping to extract all the biologically ‘active’ components as it goes.

This process uses a process at 30°C, so there is no stress on the plant material, and no use of organic solvents as discussed above.

And the really great thing about this method, because CO2 is chemically inert, the process is carried out in a vacuum with no oxygen present, so it can’t easily become rancid.

Each extraction has to be carefully controlled, in order to ensure optimum quality of the oil.


This is important, because an oxygen-free environment and a low temperature is key, especially when extracting a delicate oil like Rosehip.

By keeping the temperature low, we can then preserve and protect the complete botanical, and skin-restoring properties of the fragile oil.

And shhhh I’m going to let you into a little beauty secret!

This process can deliver up to twice the regenerative sterols, and four times more of the antioxidant carotenoids than your average Rosehip seed oil.

It also means the shelf life of your oil can last as much as five times longer than regular rose hip seed oil, so it’s wonderful natural, orange colour hangs around longer.

Perfect oil in its whole form, just as nature intended.

In all of my formulas I want to harness as much as nature intended, for this very reason it has become a staple in a number of my products, including barrier repairing Bio lipid complex, and anti ageing and cellular repairing A+ Retinol sleep complex. In Naturlene treatment balm we have squeezed as much CO2 extracted oils as possible, to harness all their healing properties, so we can begin to activate healing at a deeper level.

6 thoughts on “CO2 Extraction, pure, clean, green

  1. Debbie says:

    I have rose hips growing near me and wanted to make some tosehip oil for personal use. I guess my choices are either cold press or I see some people just infuse a carrier oil which would be wiser but would this method give any of the benefits of the rose hips? Thank you.

  2. Marissa says:

    i agree – CO2 extract is amazing 🙂 !
    do you sell products?
    could you post some links to companies who provide CO2 extracted oils you feel are best?
    thank you !

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