Seborrhoeic dermatitis treatment

5 Hacks that Cured my Seborrhoeic Dermatitis in 2024: A Case Study

Your scalp is simply skin. Anything that helps your skin will heal your scalp Do you have persistent dandruff on your scalp? Is your face inflamed, irritated and oily? Then, chances are you may have seborrhoeic dermatitis. I know because I struggled with this condition for years. Hi, my name is Heather, and I recently […]READ MORE

My Healing Seborrhoeic Dermatitis Facial Treatment

At first, I thought I had dandruff. Then I started noticing embarrassing flakes and dreaded shoulder snow. But the plight of my tricky condition didn’t end there. It began to spread, moving from my scalp to my hairline, then to my nose and eyebrows. My skin became excessively oily, inflamed and itchy. It also became […]READ MORE
Skin Needling: Could It Be Ruining Your Skin?

My Skin Needling Journey, what I wish I had known about the risks

A medical skin needling treatment involves the use of fine needles that pierce microscopic ‘holes’ into the superficial layer of your skin.READ MORE
Picture of women with her skin before microneedling very damaged and then healed

My Microneedling Treatment is one of Inflammation and Regret (Case study)

My journey with microneedling was quite different from what I expected. I had heard about this wonder treatment that promised to heal imperfections, so I was intrigued. However, my experience was far from the ideal one you often hear about. Microneedling ruined my skin, and I encountered various issues during and after microneedling. This includes […]READ MORE
10 Real-life Reasons to Avoid Micro-needling

10 Case Studies that Document the Damaging Effects of Micro Needle Treatment

We advise our clients to avoid micro-needling, as we have been inundated with accounts from real people about the adverse side effects of this treatment.READ MORE