Bursting the Organic Myth Bubble

Organic, it’s such a deep rooted marketing term.

I find that many of my clients are literally seduced by it.

This comes as no surprise, there has certainly been a shift towards safer products and greener living of late, as consumer become more aware of potentially harmful chemicals.


Green Washing

Lately some companies have been accused of “green washing”,

This term is given to a company who promote themselves as natural, when in reality their products only include a minor percentage of organic ingredients.

So what does the term “Organic” really mean?

This issue of what is organic and how to define it, has been vexing the industry and consumers for many years.

Even today this continues to be a challenge, because there are still no real standards governing these terms, in saying that the Soil Association are doing a good job of raising the bar for these standards in the UK.

Officially only certified organic products should be allowed to use the term “organic,” in their product description.

Sadly the reality is, there are many personal care products that are labelled organic that are not certified.

Research shows consumers are becoming more confused, as this particular marketing claim intensifies, this is a topic that has led to many distrusting marketing claims, and who can blame them!


Let’s look at how the term “Natural and Organic” are defined, when it comes to your personal care products.

  • Natural ingredients cannot contain any synthetic compounds. It must be derived, in whole or in part, from completely natural sources
  • Organic ingredients must only contain plant-sourced ingredients, ingredients that must be cultivated without the use of any synthetic chemicals or pesticides

So what do these terms really mean when it comes to your personal care products? It may surprise you to find, that in most cases it means absolutely nothing.

So the real question is, given this lack of regulations, is this term completely meaningless when purchasing personal care products?
Join me here, for my question and answer session, where I discuss this widely debated topic in more detail.


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