Beta Hydroxy Acid, the beautiful benefits

The neat thing about this little acid, is that it is oil soluble,

Making it the perfect, deep cleansing treatment for an oily skin.

Beta Hydroxy Acid Benefits

Keep oily shine at bay
Beta Hydroxy acid, naturally dissolves oils in the skin.

The fact that this acid is oil soluble, means it penetrates deep into the dermis, breaking down keratin (protein) and sebum (oil), that builds up overtime in the skin’s pores,

It mops up excess oil, making it the perfect treatment for an oily face.

Balances a Combination Skin
If you are plagued with pimples, or suffer from an oily T zone or comedones, then chances are you have a combination skin.

Beta Hydroxy Acid is the perfect prep treatment for this particular skin type, it liquefies sebum and softens the skins tissues, so that it is ready for comedone extraction.

Perfect Acne Treatment
Not only are Beta Hydroxy acids extremely deep cleansing, but they also help to break the cycle of infection.

They stop acne bacteria in it’s tracks, neutralizing P Acnes bacteria in the pores, making it the perfect treatment for acneic skin conditions.

A dehydrated skins best friend
If your skin ever feel like it is one size to small, then chances are it’s dehydrated.

Applying a low concentration of Beta Hydroxy acid, will significantly help to boost moisture retention in the skins tissues.

Exfoliate Me
Did you know that as we age, our cellular turnover starts to slow down?

Stubborn skin cells stick together, often making the skin dry and flaky.

Beta hydroxy acid is the perfect exfoliating treatment, helping to encourage stubborn epidermal cells to shed.

So just to recap and look at the benefits of this awesome ingredient:

  • It is the perfect treatment for a dry, thirsty skin
  • It shows a significant decrease, in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • A possible anti wrinkle cure, it can help to visibly improve skin tone and texture
  • It can help to reduce signs of photoaging, reducing the appearance of liver spots and irregular pigmentation, caused by damaging UV rays
  • When used correctly, Beta Hydroxy acids can work as an anti-inflammatory, helping to treat rosacea and other sensitive skin conditions

So I think you’d agree,

This is one serious skin care ingredient, you may want to consider including in your skin care routine.

Join me here, to get to know your Alpha’s from your Beta’s.

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