Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Healthy Hair

Your hair is a natural extension of who you are, the cut, length, and colour say a lot about your personality.

Let’s face it; most of us put a lot of time and money into caring for our hair.

It is not easy to know which are the best shampoo and conditioner to choose from, with so many brands.

As many of our readers know we are all about transparency, and we appreciate that there is no magic formula for hair products, even the best treatments only offer subtle changes.

If you’re keen to know what are the best hair care products are, we’ve put together this simple road map that will maintain your luscious locks:

Get to know your hair

Did you know that your hair falls into one of the following categories?

  • fine
  • straight
  • wavy
  • coarse
  • frizzy
  • curly

Change your brand

Ingredients can build up on the hair shaft, so switch up your brands rotating them every few months.

Try an apple cider vinegar rinse once in a while which will help naturally detoxify your hair – a subject we discuss in the article, “The best natural shampoo ingredients“.

Use a product specifically formulated for your hair, don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of shampoo and conditioner brands available, narrow your choice by selecting the function you want to achieve.

The best shampoo and conditioner

Shampoos cleanse the hair of pollutants and oils that build upon your hair shaft and offer the following benefits:

  • clarifying
  • balancing
  • thickening
  • oil control

These contain higher than usual amounts of detergents, which gives them more lather; helping to cleanse your hair thoroughly, whilst all shampoos do the same role, cheaper brands that use harsh surfactants will strip the hair of its beneficial oils.

You need to keep these natural oils in your hair, as they have a protective role and make the hair shaft more flexible and waterproof. Try to ensure the products you use are as natural as possible and free from damaging sulphates.

Thickening and volumising shampoo

These formulas work well on fine hair; the trade-off is that they tend not to contain as many conditioning ingredients, so the hair can end up looking dull.

Glossing shampoo

These include ingredients like polymers and silicones to add shine to your hair temporarily. The best advice is to rotate your shampoos, alternating between moisturising and volumising formulas.

Hair conditioners

The results these offers are anti-frizz, strengthening, colour protecting, straightening and hydrating.

These are usually recommended if you have dry, over-processed hair, and contain moisturising agents like silicones, which help keep your hair shaft smooth.

Rinse out Conditioners: These coat your hair, preventing it from getting tangled.

Leave-in Conditioners: These are often referred to as deep conditioners and work to smooth the cuticle, which can become damaged from over-processing.

Baby Formulas: Marketed as suitable for even the most sensitive scalps, this generally means they don’t contain as much detergent.

Anti Dandruff: If you have a dry, flaky scalp, then medicated conditioning ingredients to control itching and flakiness be useful for you.

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