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What is the Best Facial Cleanser

Beautiful skin starts with exceptional skincare.

Now, it’s true that many of you think of cleansing as a necessary evil.

The boring precursor to the much more exciting business of applying topical serums and moisturisers.

But we disagree and would go so far as to say; that it is one of the essential parts of your daily skincare routine. Regular cleansing is critical to healthy-looking skin.

It is the foundation that any good skincare routine should be built on, and once you get this part of the routine right, you can provide the skin with the essential ingredients it requires to stay healthy.

Environmental toxins, grime, makeup, and harsh products are just some of the assaults your skin is up against daily.

Choosing the correct formula will not only cleanse your skin but will keep it healthy and balanced without stripping essential oils.

How do you get the freshest, cleanest, g-damn prettiest skin possible? With regular cleansing, of course.

So join us as we look at the best facial cleanser for your skin type.

Important reasons to cleanse

  • it prepares the skin for the smooth application of makeup
  • cleansing helps balance moisture levels, keeping skin hydrated
  • it removes stubborn cells, allowing for optimum penetration of topical nutrients
  • cleansing at night allows the skin to breathe properly, giving it a chance to rejuvenate
  • it removes the buildup of daily dirt and grime, which can clog pores, causing congestion and breakouts

Cleansing your face daily not only removes makeup but also assists in preventing clogged pores, which can lead to breakouts and inflammation.

But possibly the most important reason is to remove the buildup of environmental toxins such as free radicals that can lead to oxidation – skin damage, which can lead to premature ageing.

So an antioxidant-rich cleanser such as miracle cleanse is ideal, breaking down the buildup of free radicals on your skin whilst maintaining a healthy skin microbiome.

So, what’s the best facial cleanser for your skin type?

There is a specific reason why certain formulas work for certain skin types.

The skin on your face is delicate; it is thinner than anywhere else on the body, so it needs to be treated with care.

Use anything too harsh, which can upset the delicate acid mantle and undermine your protective barrier, causing several skin conditions.

Dry, dehydrated skin


A nourishing oil base is ideal if you wake up with rhinoceros skin.

Here at the naked chemist, we pride ourselves on being green-beauty experts and follow a skin-care-meets-self-love approach, which is the ethos behind Miracle cleanse and many of our formulas.

Made with a gorgeous blend of natural oils infused with healing herbs and botanical oils. Miracle cleanse is formulated to protect as it cleanses; the antioxidant-rich oils are light enough not to drag your skin but gentle enough to remove makeup and dissolve urea and salt from the sweat glands, removing the buildup of toxins and free radicals from the skin that build up during the day.

It also provides a cushioned, protective breathable barrier, so your skin feels instantly protected, making it the perfect choice for sensitive, combination skin types or those with an impaired barrier, making it the best facial cleanser for dry skin sensitive-skinned gals and guys.

Combination skin type


Suitable if you have normal skin or the type that can’t make up its mind. Gel cleansers are gentler than foaming cleansers and are lightweight and hydrating. They quickly remove makeup, leaving your skin feeling fresh and ready to start a new day.

Oily Skin types


These pore purging facial cleansers help remove even the most stubborn buildup of sebum and blackheads from congested skin.

Those with oily skin tend to find these are the best facial cleanser formulas simply because they don’t leave an oily residue that creams often leave behind.

You have to be careful that they don’t contain harsh ingredients such as surfactants, which will strip the skin of valuable lipids upsetting your acid mantle, which can cause inflammation.

Instead, we recommend opting for gentle, natural formulas in the form of a gel base that will leave your skin comfortable and supple, rather than stripped and your barrier compromised.

Our four-step cleansing routine

We advise our clients to cleanse their face twice daily with warm water.

  • Gently massage your cleanser into your skin.
  • Rinse with water or a damp muslin cloth and wipe off any residue
  • Gently pat dry with a clean towel, making sure your skin stays moist, which will allow for optimum penetration of ingredients
  • Lightly spray with a toner
  • Next, apply your selected skin shot
  • Gently massage your moisturiser into your face, neck and décolleté

Once you find the best cleaning solution for your skin, you’ll be the first to agree, and you can’t beat that freshly cleansed skin feeling.

Want to know the best way to cleanse your face? Then you may find these dermatologists’ tips helpful.


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4 replies on “What is the Best Facial Cleanser”

I would like to order your miracle cleanser, but my skin is hyper sensitive right now, I have Rosacea,and I used a Serum from another brand,and cause some burn on my skin and itching too,but like I said, I would like to try your cleanser but I’m afraid because the polysorbate 85 , one of the ingredients in the cleanser, let me know what do you think about this, thanks.

Hi Adriana.
Thank you so much for reaching out. Miracle cleanse is speicifcally formulated for those with very sensitive skin. It also creates a breathable barrier on the skin that cushions, moisturises and protects. I can customise for you and exclude the polysorbate if that is helpful. Please get in touch at Samantha

I would like to order a good night time moisturizer to help
with flakiness and to promote a healthy skin barrier. I have
combination skin and I am 69. What would be your recommendation.
Thank you

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