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Best Face Oils for Oily Skin

Best Face Oils For Oily Skin

Is it possible that you can use face oil on oily skin?

Yes is the answer. Now, we agree this may sound counter-intuitive; after all, are we really suggesting that applying oil to an already oily complexion is good for your skin?

But, wait – don’t panic, we are not trying to push the boundaries here, there is a method to our madness.

Your skin’s an intelligent organ it knows when it’s sufficiently protected; producing less oil when it is balanced, and producing more of its own oil when it is dry.

Squeaky-clean cleansers, or a too-strong cocktail of acids, may feel great initially but will strip away the natural oils your skin uses to protect itself, and it won’t thank you for it.

Your skin doesn’t know you’re just trying to help it; instead, it thinks that all its oils are gone, so it goes into overdrive to produce more.

Seriously, why does skin have to be so darn complicated?

Treating oily skin with an oil

Botanical oils are game-changers for your skin:

  • soothing and calm inflammation
  • anti-microbial and nuke bacteria
  • Tbalancing and help to stem the flow of oil
  • Tantibacterial and can help to reduce the bacteria responsible for pustules and papules

A lightweight oil can help protect your skin’s barrier function, so it doesn’t feel the need to pump up its own oil production. Supplementing your skin’s natural oil supply might be useful if you are prone to breakouts or acne skin, as this study found.

Several acne subjects were found to have imbalanced levels of oleic and linoleic acids, two fatty acids that make up sebum – the oil in your skin. Therefore finding that face oil that is high in both these acids is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin.

The best face oils for oily skin

  • neem oil has powerful anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. It is beneficial to those who suffer from various oily skin conditions, including acne and skin infections such as boils. It is also used in tiny amounts. It is also the best oil for treating skin conditions like psoriasis, and eczema
  • sesame oil is wonderful for oily skin due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Fast absorbing and non-greasy, this is the perfect oil for balancing overactive sebaceous glands
  • jojoba oil is a light to medium liquid wax composed of liquid wax esters and has a structure that closely resembles human sebum. If there is a build-up of natural oils in the skin, the topical application of jojoba oil can dissolve and remove excess sebum
  • squalane is similar in profile to jojoba and is found in 12% of the lipids in our skin. In fact, we liked it so much we decided to bottle it, for all of those concerned with oily/combinations skin that needs a little balance in their life
  • cumin oil is a non-greasy oil that rebalances the skin’s oil production. It is extremely protective, strengthening the stratum corneum, your outer layer of skin
  • macadamia oil is also like squalane and jojoba oil, in that it is also similar to human sebum; perfect for regulating an oily skin type
  • hemp seed oil contains ceramides that are protective, anti-inflammatory, and rich in fatty acids. This oil is very similar to our own natural sebum. Sadly, the shelf life of hemp oil is very short, around 3 months

Naked chemist botanicals

We have several formulas that harness the potent properties of these powerful botanicals. Ceramide barrier repair is full of gorgeous botanicals helps to normalise oil production on the skin, whilst providing a protective, breathable barrier.

Miracle Cleanse has been formulated with healing botanical oils to protect as it cleanses.
Bio Lipid Complex contains the perfect balance of phytosterols and ceramides to bring the skin in a state of flux back into balance.
Nectar Treatment Balm has potent healing herbs, butters, and phytosterols, to facilitate healing on a deeper level.

All contain clean, green, botanical ingredients with no nasty astringents or chemicals – just pure, natural, and kind to your skin.


As we have discussed, the old school way of thinking was that oily skin didn’t require more oil, because it already had high levels from its own oil (sebum) production. It was thought that adding oil to oily skin would exacerbate the skin more, clogging pores and creating breakouts.

Traditionally harsh, stripping astringents were used, which would make the skin overcompensate by bringing more oil to the surface, and cause inflammation, a subject we discuss in the article, “the soap and water debate“.

Here we also discuss why astringents and soap-based products are just too drying for delicate skin, they rob the skin of its natural oil and break down the delicate micro-flora on the acid mantle’ this stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Then the skin’s barrier function becomes out of balance, which creates a vicious cycle of events.

From the article we can conclude, that oils rich in linoleic acid help break down sebum and reduce inflammation in the follicle, making them extremely healing, balancing, and calming; perfect for repairing an impaired oily/acne skin type.

So, rather than battling oily skin blues using harsh astringents – which cause oil glands to overcompensate – why not reach for a beautiful botanical blend instead? To calm your inflammation and reduce bacterial proliferation, bringing your skin back into a natural state of balance.

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