The Best Eye Cream to Beautify your Eyes

Updated 08/10/2020

They say that good health is reflected in our eyes.

Tricky, when the skin around our eyes is thinner than anywhere else on our face.

This is why it seems, no matter how much sleep you get or how much water you drink, eye issues—in the form of dryness, dark circles, or fine lines—are pretty much inevitable.

It’s no surprise really when you consider the reasons why.

  • the skin around your eyes is super thin and delicate
  • the muscles in that area get a lot of action – like every time you squint
  • there are also fewer oil glands on this part of the face, so the area is less able to hold moisture, adding to potential dryness around the eyes
  • there is no subcutaneous layer or fatty cushioning and with no support and nothing to act as a shock absorber, this ages skin much quicker

So as you can see, our eyes get a pretty raw deal, but fortunately, there is a solution, the best bet for making this finicky area look smooth and bright – an eye cream.

But that said, not all eye creams are created equal and some straight up don’t even work.

Fortunately here at NC, we have weeded through all the ingredients and eye know-how when it comes to selecting the best eye cream – that will truly do its magic.

Selecting an eye cream

In the clinic, we find that many of our clients don’t include eye cream as part of their skincare routine; yet regular face creams and oils are too heavy for this delicate area, they can block tear ducts and work their way up the face, making eyes look puffy.

Excess cream in this area can cause milia, hard white bumps around the eyes that have to be extracted professionally, in order to prevent scarring.

For this reason, eye creams are specifically designed to be lightweight and gentle – to treat and support the delicate tissue around your eyes – they generally contain more emollient than a regular moisturiser, which helps to compensate for the lack of oil glands in this area.

Gel-based creams are also a great alternative, especially if you have sensitive skin, as they help to reduce inflammation and offer instant hydration.

The best eye cream for dark circles are ones that contain ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides, well thought out ingredients which we dedicate a whole article to here.

But wait. There is actually a correct procedure for applying your eye cream

Use a pea-size amount as you don’t want to overload the skin, remember it’s only thin, too much cream may cause swelling or irritation.

Always apply your cream with your ring finger, using a gentle tapping motion to prevent stretching the skin; patting around the eye bone also encourages excess fluid to drain away.

If you’re applying the eye cream to close to your lids or near your lashes, back up. Simply dot the cream along the orbital bone, right under your eyebrow, and under your eyes in a semi-circle shape, this should be about half an inch below your lash line. When you apply eye cream any closer, you risk it migrating and getting up into your eyes, which can lead to inflammation.

Follow the link for more tips on how to apply an eye cream.

Eye cream for dark circles

There are a number of reasons why someone may suffer from dark circles;

  • genetics
  • lack of sleep
  • poor detoxification
  • liver problems
  • poor diet
  • too much carbon dioxide in the blood or de-oxygenated blood may also appear as a dark blue tinge under the eyes

Fortunately, there are some great ingredients that will you to start to repair this problem.

If you’re concerned with dark circles under your eyes, this article is a great place to start, that looks at procedures to help remove them.


Eye cream happens to be one of our very favorite skincare products.

If you have puffiness, dark circles, or crows feet, using an eye cream should be part of your daily beauty routine, treating your eyes like the fragile things they are, giving them that much-needed protection, is really important especially when it comes to warding off premature ageing.

A well thought out formula will offer intense hydration, moisturisation, lightening and brightening, and anti-ageing benefits to the delicate tissue around your eyes.

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