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Benefits of Seaweed in skincare

Benefits of Seaweed: Mermaid's Secrets Revealed

Ever wondered why mermaids are so gorgeous?

Then look no further than the ocean – they take advantage of all the sea has to offer.

Take Ariel, for instance, she gets to play about in water and seaweed on a daily basis; both of which are extremely good for her skin and hair.

But wait, stop! Before you run out and adorn yourself in seaweed – read on to discover how the humble sea leaf, can rev up your beauty routine:

What Is Seaweed?

Seaweed is the name given to marine plants and algae species that grow in oceans, rivers, and lakes.
It is one of the most beneficial and abundantly available, natural ingredients for skincare on the planet.
It could be said that seaweed constitutes the true lung of our planet. Interestingly, the level of carbon dioxide seaweed transforms through photosynthesis each year, which it then turns into organic material, is phenomenal – it is much higher than what is drawn from the atmosphere by any other terrestrial plants.

With over 50,000 known seaweed species in the ocean, this underwater plant is loaded with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Over 15 different types of seaweed are used in personal care products, each with its own unique qualities that can benefit your skin in different ways.

It is the composition of seaweed which makes it such an incredibly unique ingredient, it contains a potent concentration of seawater and can uptake minerals by absorption and active transport from seawater; because of this ability, it has a dense concentration of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and lipids, which reads like a superhero for the skin. This study found that Laminaria Digitata, for example, it is a natural source of 10 vitamins, 16 amino acids, and 40 trace elements.

Intrigued, we have delved deeper, to learn more about what magic this botanical ingredient can work on your skin.

Seaweed for different skin types:

For Oily Skin: Sea Spaghetti – Himanthalia elongata.

For Acne and breakouts: Bladder Wrack – Fucus vesiculosus.

For ageing: Red Algae Chondrus crispus – which can be found in our DNA age delay complex.

For dehydrated Skin: Giant Kelp – Macrocystis pyrifera.

The beautifying benefits of seaweed

  • purifying
  • moisturising
  • detoxifying
  • antioxidant
  • exfoliant
  • hydrating
  • brightener
  • brightens
  • contouring
  • re-balancing
  • re-mineralising
  • toning and tightening
  • regulates oil production
  • They have intense repairing properties and can be put a protective film over our skin
  • Seaweed contains around 104 trace elements and minerals and replenishes lost nutrients in the body, helping to re-balance the body with a very similar identity to human plasma
  • It also contains large quantities of magnesium, calcium, and iron – all of which offer powerful anti-free radicals, which have wonderful oxygenating powers
  • Seaweed is a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to keep sensitive skin at bay
  • Ever wondered why mermaids have such wonderful hair? That’s because seaweed is so rich in iodine, which stimulates hair growth. In fact, hair loss can be due to with your body being low in iodine
  • Seaweed is moisture-rich, a natural humectant that will keep your skin visibly hydrated

If that is not enough, seaweed also has excellent anti ageing benefits for the skin, helping to restore elasticity and firmness and boost our cellular renewal, as well as smoothing and soothing the skin.

Seriously, is that all it takes for Mermaids to be so gorgeous? Well no, not quite, there is one other little beauty secret you may not have heard about, the secret sea water beauty tips.

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