An Estheticians Guide to Skin Assessments in 2024

Want to know which of your products to toss? Or how to deal with hyperpigmentation or acne breakouts? Or perhaps you’re an esthetician looking for a thorough consultation guide. Great, then you’ve come to the right place. This consultation is what we use in our clinic to build a customer profile. And we’d love to […]READ MORE
Photoageing and the Glogau Scale

Why the Glogau Scale is the Holy grail of Anti Ageing

If you want to know the extent of sun damage and photoageing in your skin, this scale will help you put in place the best treatments.READ MORE

10 Tips to Consider when Applying Makeup on Oily Skin

Managing oily skin and selecting the right makeup can be tricky. Simply because there are so many factors to consider. Like getting good coverage to hide your blemishes. Or absorbing that daily shine and minimising pores. Fortunately, ingredients have become so advanced today. They can help to prevent that daily landslide and give your makeup […]READ MORE

5 Benefits of Mineral Makeup for Acne and Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive? Or maybe you’re prone to breakouts? Or suffer from acne inflammation? Then you don’t need us to tell you finding the right makeup can be a concern. Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of mineral makeup. But, if you find navigating this arena difficult, thanks to complicated ingredient […]READ MORE

How LED Light Bar Therapy Transforms Skin

Are you concerned about your skin? Then, you can guarantee that LED light bar therapy has the solution. It’s the latest revolution in skincare technology. And for a good reason, it’s completely non-invasive. That’s right; it treats your skin whilst keeping your barrier intact. Neither will it upset your acid mantle. It’s also safe and […]READ MORE

Gua Sha 101: How to use this amazing facial tool

Want to whack up the dial on your skin brightness? Or chisel out your cheekbones that you didn’t know existed? Or maybe even de-puff your eyebags? Then Gua Sha, made of divinely polished stones, offers some serious face sculpting. Thanks partly to its lymphatic drainage and ability to bring fresh blood flow to your skin. […]READ MORE

15 Best Acrylic Nails Design

Acrylic nails design is popular if you want long, beautiful nails. Many designs can be created with acrylic nails, and Instagram has excellent examples. This article will answer some common questions about acrylic nails and showcase 15 of the best nail designs on Instagram. What is Acrylic Nail Design? Acrylic nails are one of the […]READ MORE

Resting Bitch Face Actually Exists

Research has found that our facial expressions involuntarily reflect our emotions, they can intensify or even directly influence our mood.READ MORE
Professional Manicure and Pedicure Tips

Professional Manicure and Pedicure Tips for 2022

The following professional spa manicure and pedicure advice will help you put your best hand and foot forward, so you can have nails to be proud of.READ MORE

Thai spa philosophy and treatments

We have to admit, here at NC we have a love affair with Thailand. Why? Because it is the one culture that completely embraces the Spa philosophy. This is where our founder Samantha, started her spa management journey way back when. Thailand is a culture that has its roots firmly planted in holistic origins; which […]READ MORE