Baby Eczema: Soothing Herbal Remedies

Baby Eczema: Soothing Herbal Remedies

Updated 15/10/2020

Eczema is a Greek word meaning to boil or bubble over.

Which sounds about right, because it is a very painful condition.

If you have a baby who is suffering from eczema, you will be all too familiar with these symptoms.

That frustrating wax and wane condition that gets really irritated when it is in its inflammation cycle.

So, what are the symptoms of baby eczema?

  • dryness
  • swelling
  • scaly patches
  • sensitive skin
  • recurring rash
  • extreme itching
  • weeping sores
  • inflamed skin
  • oozing or crusting
  • red or dark patches

Common areas of baby eczema include the face, cheeks, and chin, as well as the scalp, chest, back, outer arms, and legs.

The Itch-rash cycle

This is where the itch is so bad, that the baby scratches so much it draws blood. This intensifies the rash, making it bleed and itch even more – it’s a relentless cycle.

So, what can you do to help stop your baby’s skin when it is in the inflammation cycle? Turn to nature of course, in the form of healing herbs.

Herbs for baby eczema

Poroporo: A lovely anti-itch herb which has been used for centuries by Native Maori in New Zealand, to cure chronic skin conditions including psoriasis and baby eczema.

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum Oil): Often referred to as “Arnica of the Nerves”, this herb soothes and calms nerve pain and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and wound-healing properties.

It is used for nerve inflammation and treating conditions such as shingles, sciatica, and numbness after surgery Due to its tissue-regenerating actions, it significantly reduces the appearance of scars and repairs damaged and ageing skin.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis): All hail this wonder herb with its wound-healing, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory actions, that help to soothe conditions such as baby eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Chickweed (Stellaria media herb): Another mighty herb for treating inflammation.

It’s a natural antipruritic, meaning it has an anti-itch action on the skin similar to antihistamines, helping to relieve irritation.

Nettle (Urtica dioica herb): This is an unusual herb that has an anti-allergic, purifying action on the skin; helping to relieve itchiness.

It contains high mineral content including magnesium, calcium, and iron; important nutrients that cleanse and restore irritated inflamed skin.

Tamanu oil (Calophyllum Inophyllum): This should be your go-to oil for treating baby eczema, psoriasis, and sunburn. It helps to promote new tissue formation and accelerates cellular renewal, aiding healthy skin growth.

Another little-known fact is that Tamanu oil fades stretch marks, with incredible results.

Kiwi fruit seed oil (Dextrin and Actinidia Chinensis Seed Extract): This oil contains around 60% Alpha-Linolenic Acid, an important omega 3 essential fatty acids, effective in cellular rejuvenation, helping with the treatment of skin disorders such as baby eczema.

Nectar Treatment Balm is the perfect natural alternative to vaseline; loaded with healing phytosterols, herbs, and omegas 3, 6, and 9: the perfect clean, green formula specifically designed to treat conditions associated with eczema.

3 thoughts on “Baby Eczema: Soothing Herbal Remedies

  1. Aston kuts says:

    My son has suffered with eczema since he was a baby he is six now…nothing medical has ever helped accept a healing herbal balm so I was interested to read this.

  2. Christine says:

    How can i use these to get the best soap for babies? Will you br expanding on these herbs in soapmaking? What age ( babies) can these herbs be used in soaping?Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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