• Moisturising
  • Anti ageing
  • Nutrient rich
  • A natural steroid
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Deeply penetrating
  • Repairs sun damaged skin
  • Improves burns and wound
  • Effective in relieving skin conditions such as eczema

These are some of the awesome benefits of avocado oil.

The Avocado pear belongs to the Laurel family.

Although it is known as the Avocado pear, it is in fact not a pear at all only pear shaped.

The oil is extracted from the flesh of the Avocado by pressing or centrifuge extraction, this yields a lovely bright green oil, which is due to avocado’s rich chlorophyll content.

Avocado oil benefits are numerous, so let’s dive right in and take a look.


Anti-Inflammatory: Avocado oil is lovely for a sensitive, irritated skin, because it contains potent Phytosterols that help to take the fire out of an itch.

Interestingly it also rich in Polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols, these have been found to reduce inflamed and sun damaged skin.

Natural sunscreen properties: Lutein is a component present in avocado oil, which is known to absorb and filter UV light, offering a small amount of protection from the damaging sun’s rays.

High Nutritive Value: Avocado oil is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5,C, D, E and K, which means your skin gets all the topical benefits.

Barrier repairing: This oil contains a lot of components that are similar to the composition of our skin; such as lecithin, squalane and skin loving Fatty Acids, which is why it is such an important oil for barrier repair.

Moisturising: The oil is extremely rich in Oleic Acid, a wonderful moisturising and regenerating fatty acid, that is naturally found in human sebum (oil).

Anti Ageing: Studies have found, that the oil can mobilise and increase collagen in connective tissue, helping to keep skin soft and supple, this is why one of Avocado Oil benefits, is to help protect against ageing.

A natural steroid: Avocado oil also contains a substance called sterolin, which behaves like a natural steroid, triggering the production of collagen your internal scaffolding, which is essential in protecting your skin from premature ageing, as discussed above.

Rejuvenating: Thanks to the high levels of botanical compounds known as phytosterols, avocado oil plays a huge role in rejuvenating stressed and tired skin.

Oily skin benefits: Because avocado oil helps to balance and regulate your skin’s natural sebum production, it’s a lovely balancing oil, perfect for combination skin.

Research has found that repeated massage with avocado oil, brings significant hydration to the epidermis, significantly improving the skins elasticity; so as you can see this is really an exciting oil when it comes to health and regeneration.

It’s a wonderful oil for every skin type from thin and fragile skin, to dry, mature and combination skin.

Avocado oils restructuring properties, are due to its high Sterol content, which sits at around 10%.

  • Avocado is a medium light weight oil
  • The shelf life is 1 year. Adding 1% vitamin E, can help to extend the shelf life
  • Combined with Macadamia oil, it has potent cellular rejuvenating properties
  • One of the benefits of Avocado oil is that it permeates the skin quite deeply, making it a good carrier for essential oils. Apparently it has one of the highest penetration rates of all the botanical oils

As Avocado is such a valuable ingredient for the skin, it was important to harness it’s beneficial properties, this we did in a number of the Naked Chemist products.

Fatty Acid Profile

C16:0   st  Palmitic Acid               7-32%
C16:1   mo Palmitoleic Acid         2.13%
C18:0   st   Steric Acid                   0.5 -1.5%
C18:1   mo Oleic Acid                   36-80%
C18:2   pu Linoleic Acid                6-18%
C18:3   pu Alpha Linoleic Acid    0-5%


The fresh pulp from avocados is bright green, but this quickly degrades to a pale brown.

The composition of avocado’s can vary tremendously depending on the variety.

If you have purchased Avocado oil and found it to be bright green, this may be due to the fact that it has been adulterated.

Often unscrupulous manufacturers will add a green colouring agent to the oil, in order to make it look more natural, so if it doesn’t turn brown.

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