10 Natural Anti Aging Tips to Slow Down the Hands of Time

My mission as the founder is education and transparency.

Why? Because, as an esthetician, I feel I have a crucial role to play.

To not only create skincare treatments that work on a cellular level that target specific conditions,

But to share this knowledge in the form of free resources.

In the hope that it will empower you to heal your skin.

As part of this series on all things age-related, I share my tried and tested anti aging tips with you.

These are drawn on 30 years of experience working directly with the skin.

Natural Anti aging Tips

Tip 1: Sunscreen 

That’s right, I’m shouting from the rooftops.

As a lecturer, one of the first things I would discuss with my young students is the importance of sunscreen; use it every day without fail; it’s non-negotiable.

UVA is referred to as the “aging ray” in the beauty industry. For a good reason: every minute your skin is exposed to the sun slowly undermines your internal scaffolding – collagen and elastin fibres.

Your skin is made up of a delicate weave of protein fibres, much like fabric. The collagen and elastin threads keep your skin soft, supple, and smooth.

Too much sun exposure breaks down these fibres, turning them into shredded wheat—all of which translates into the dreaded wrinkles, age spots, and sagging.

In this fascinating study (1), participants who regularly applied sunscreen were monitored over 4.5 years, and they showed no detectable signs of aging even after the 4.5 years.

Please don’t forget your neck, ears, forearms and backs of your hands; these are often trouble zones. Because they’re so easy to forget, they can become a hotbed for wrinkles and age spots, so make sure you apply your sunscreen every two hours in these areas as well.

If you’re using a chemical sunscreen, I don’t recommend using one higher than SPF 20, as it can irritate your skin because of all the high levels of chemicals it contains.

So please use sunscreen daily and reapply every two hours. Not only will your skin need to do less to protect itself, but the damage will be minimised.

This article on the science of sunscreen and anti aging tips is a good read if you want to learn more.

Tip 2: Customisation is Key

Our skin likes to keep guessing as we age, so try mixing up your daily routine with different actives. This is why I created the skin shot range, which can be customised to treat specific concerns.

  • Are you concerned about adult acne, ageing and dark spots? B+ skin shot has you covered.
  • Looking for the most researched anti aging ingredient around? A+ skin shot has you covered.
  • Want to lighten and brighten your skin and give it a youthful glow? Then, the C+ skin shot will provide you with the desired result.
  • Is your skin thin, fragile and sensitive with fine lines a concern? DNA skin shot with its gorgeous copper peptides has you covered.

They can be layered under your favourite moisturisers in a simplified and safe manner that consistently delivers results.

Tip 3: Stop the Dehydration Cycle

If you’re serious about preventing premature ageing and anti aging tips, then hydration is critical.

Think of your body as a human sponge. Imagine immersing a dried sponge in water; it will instantly soften, rehydrate, and come to life.

This is because healthy cellular function relies on receiving the right amount of water; if your skin is dehydrated, it loses its resilience and will make you appear older than your years.

This is a vast subject, so I created a resource you can read here.

And one final tip to avoid dehydrated skin is to turn down the temperature of your showers.

Overly hot showers will strip your skin and hair of moisture, leading to prematurely aged skin and brittle hair.

A mild to moderate temperature is still comfortable and won’t wreak havoc on your skin’s natural oils.

Tip 4: Keep Inflammation Out

This is also non-negotiable when it comes to treating mature skin.

Inflammaging is where the levels of pro-inflammatory markers in your blood and tissues increase; this causes a vital risk factor for multiple age-related disorders to occur.

It is also the leading cause of premature ageing. Think sunburnt skin.

So keep your skin calm and soothed. This is such an important subject. I have written about inflammation in great detail, which you can read here and here.

Tip 5: Importance of Ingredients and Product Selection

No anti aging tips are complete without discussing this.

I find many of my clients focus too much on one type of ingredient – all their products will have an active ingredient like Vitamin C or AHAs.

These are acid-based formulas; their skin becomes over-stimulated and sensitised, and your skin tone can become mottled.

No anti aging tips would be complete without mentioning that it’s essential to have an organised approach to your skincare rather than purchasing random products that don’t contain ingredients that work synergistically; otherwise, you won’t get the desired results in the long term.

Preventing premature aging requires a sensible, well-thought-out approach to formula ingredients, such as the ceramides, cholesterol, and lipids found in our Reset cream.

Replenishing these ingredients topically, you are helping to prevent degradation in your skin, such as collagen and elastin breakdown.

Tip 6. The Importance of Beauty Sleep

The latest research (2) has found that a lack of sleep can hurt your skin’s appearance.

Sleep dramatically affects how your skin behaves because, at night, it goes into repair mode, undoing the damage done during the day.

Take hyaluronic acid, for instance. The production of this vital humectant increases during the night, boosting hydration levels. So, getting your beauty sleep is the key to preventing premature ageing.

Ensuring you get enough sleep can drastically impact your skin’s clarity, brightness, and colour; too little can lead to dark circles, acne, and redness, as this interesting study (3) found.

Tip 7: A Good Skincare Routine is key

I can’t emphasise this enough, and our 10-step routine is a great place to start if you are concerned about premature ageing.

Whilst it’s a routine for dry skin, cellular turnover slows down with age, so you need to kick-start this to restore that youthful glow.

Tip 8: Dont Over Exfoliate

Don’t get me wrong; gentle exfoliation is essential to encourage cellular turnover; otherwise, your skin will be dull and flat. However, as this study found (3), over-exfoliation can wreak havoc on your skin.

In fact, I have seen so many skin problems as an esthetician because of over-exfoliation. I wrote an entire article about it, which you can read here.

So opt for an exfoliation routine that gently encourages cellular turnover and won’t cause tiny micro tears that damage your barrier.

It will also help boost collagen production, promote healthy, hydrated skin, and improve the penetration of your other products.

Tip 9:  Importance of Haircare

As you age, your hair does too. It can become dry due to your scalp not producing enough oil to keep it conditioned; this can cause your hair to become finer, flatter, and more prone to breakage.

So, treat yourself to a scalp massage after you shampoo to help avoid a dry scalp and thinning hair.

Slowly move your fingers in circles around your scalp to boost blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Tip 10: Makeup Can be Aging

Typically, the makeup you trusted in college can not be applied to your more mature needs.

Avoid drawing attention to wrinkles or dark circles by wearing lighter makeup. Neutral eyeshadow with a shimmer conceals eyelid wrinkles and makes your eyes look brighter.

If you have lines beginning to form at the edges of your lips, avoid drawing lip lines; instead, once you apply your lipstick, dab some around the edges of your lip with your finger to blur the edges.

Use an angled lip brush to make getting colour into the lip’s fine lines easier.

To conclude. The naked chemist

A big question my clients often ask me is when I should start to implement an anti-aging routine.

My advice is that it is never too early to start; there should never be a time when you’re not being mindful and caring for your skin and treating it correctly.

I always educate my clients about the importance of extrinsic and intrinsic aging. While you can do so much the earlier you start implementing anti-aging strategies, it is also never too late to start.

Skin aging is a complex, multifactorial process whose baseline rate is genetically determined.

However, there are many ways to protect your skin, such as wearing sunscreen and using safe sun practices.

Our skin can heal and restore its normal structure, so we need to take the time to understand how to treat it correctly.

Through intelligent ingredients that help to ward off premature ageing and implement a well-thought-out daily routine that avoids using harsh products and over-exfoliation, which can cause inflammageing.

Be kind and gentle to your skin. Take a holistic approach, and it will reflect in you through vibrant, healthy skin for now and for many years to come.


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Yes, I agree that we have to take responsibility for our skin. We need the right products to apply on our faces and have healthy life choices. I’ve read in one article that making sleep a priority is more effective at fighting aging than any expensive treatment. Thanks for the tips! It’s an interesting read!

Greetings! Very useful advice within this article!
It’s the little changes that produce the
most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!

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