Anti Aging Tips

My mission as an aesthetician is one of education and transparency.

Why? Because I feel we have a very important role to play, to create skincare treatments that really work on a cellular level.

Whilst recommending natural, potent, anti aging skin care products that keep our skin healthy and help to ward off premature ageing.

Anti aging tips

When should you implement an anti aging routine?

It’s never too early to start, really there should never be a time where you shouldn’t be mindful of looking after your skin and treating it right.

We educate our clients about both extrinsic and intrinsic ageing – you can do so much the earlier you start, and it’s also never too late to start.

Don’t invest in technical ingredients

Throwing all your money into expensive ingredients is not necessary, instead, be consistent with your skincare routine, keep things simple with a regime that’s consistent and right for your skin type.

Get your beauty sleep

Sleep makes a big difference, studies have found the impact that sleep and stress have on the skin and it is really fascinating. Getting your beauty sleep is the best way to boost collagen production, this is due to the fact that this is the time when the body’s repair process takes place to undo the damage of the day. the production of humectants like hyaluronic acid increases during the night which in turn boosts hydration levels.

What are the essentials of a good skincare routine?

I believe there are 5 things that work no matter your age:

1) Sunscreen should be an essential part of your skincare regime. I would recommend not using a sunscreen higher than SPF30, as it can irritate the skin because of all the chemicals they contain.

I see clients daily and I can instantly tell who has been using sunscreen regularly and who hasn’t. Even after a couple of months of regular use, lines are improved and skin is more supple. Not only will the skin need to do less to protect itself, but the damage is minimised.

2) Exfoliation

Very gentle exfoliation will maintain a good skin barrier, boost collagen production and promote a healthy skin that is better hydrated, it will also help with better penetration of your other products.

3) Cleansers

It’s more important to focus on finding and investing in the right cleanser.

Many of my clients see this as the boring part of their skincare routine, when in fact it is really important to get the wrong one for your skin type and it will throw your skin’s pH off balance leaving it open to infections and pathogens. Miracle cleanse protects as it cleanses and is really gentle and ideal for all skin types.

4) Antioxidants

These are important for boosting the skin’s defences. Research shows that although a healthy diet and oral supplements are most definitely of utmost importance, there is also a significant gain in using a topical antioxidant to fight free radicals and ward off daily damage from UV and pollution. Glo antioxidant complex is a great product for targeting these problems.

5) Retinoids

These are vitamin A derivatives, which have a lot of research around them as an anti-ageing ingredient – helping to promote collagen production and preventing it’s breakdown, A+ retinol complex comes in two strengths so you can build up your skin’s tolerance and is a great way to ward of premature ageing.

3 thoughts on “Anti Aging Tips

  1. SkinSage says:

    Yes, I agree that we have to take responsibility for our skin. We need the right products to apply on our faces and have healthy life choices. I’ve read in one article that making sleep a priority is more effective at fighting aging than any expensive treatment. Thanks for the tips! It’s an interesting read!

  2. pearly says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice within this article!
    It’s the little changes that produce the
    most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!

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