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Anti Aging Skin Care Begins in the Cell

What do you do to prevent wrinkles, sun spots, and overall premature?

Most of us are relatively cavalier in our lifestyles.

We pack away products full of retinol and antioxidants that promise to “combat loss of radiance.

Lured in by the promise of products that will ‘lift and firm’ things that aren’t yet ‘sagging or loose’.

But what if we got in before that, and really considered the anatomy of our skin?

Well, that’s exactly what us folks have done at NC.

So join us, as we get a little technical and travel deep within your skin, all the way to your cell’s nucleus.ageing

Understand your skin to target aging

How do you successfully treat visible signs of aging?

We believe it is important to understand what is going on in your skin at a cellular level if you want to treat it effectively. Only then, can you understand how the cell behaves and the energy within it.

You can then begin to get a better picture of ageing, health, and disease.

The anatomy of a cell

Within the structure of a cell, a lot is happening.

There is a watery substance known as the cytoplasm, which constantly bathes the organelles; these organelles are similar to the body’s internal organs; they have many different functions.

At the centre of the cell is the nucleus, and it is here that our DNA processes take place, which is the blueprint of everything that takes place in our body:

  • from our genetic makeup
  • inherent characteristics
  • your sex
  • personality
  • how our nerves, skin and brain are formed

Basically, every need and requirement of your bodily function begins from the cell, and this blueprint, a cell must then divide and reproduce, to do this requires energy.

As the cell divides, another acid from the nucleus carries the cell’s information, making sure that the proteins are correctly synthesised, a process known as RNA.

The life of a cell is highly ordered both in function and structure, and it is this order that maintains good health. Our vitality also comes from a cellular level; this is often referred to as chi or life force; this subtle energy represents the cell’s power.


Unfortunately, any disorder, stress, or poor lifestyle choices interrupts this energy and disorders the cells, once they become disorganised, they begin to multiply, causing further disruption.

This is what is known as the oxidative stress, the degenerative disease that we know as aging.

Join us here, to find out how oxidative stress and free radicals influence how fast we age, and what you can do to stop premature aging in its tracks.

Our article the anatomy of human skin will give you a good understanding of your skin’s structure.

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