Argan Oil



Skin you feel confident in doesn’t have to mean a complicated routine. Argan contains exceptionally high percentages of Omegas, Vitamin E, Phytosterols and Carotenes, the secret to youthful skin.

A super-star, anti-ageing oil, it fights against dryness and loss of elasticity, so skin has more suppleness, elasticity, and tone.

Daily Ritual: Apply 3-5 drops in the evening over face, neck, and décolleté prior to moisturising.

Skin Concerns: Dry, sensitive, loss of firmness, expression lines.

100% organic Moroccan Argan oil  30mL 1.0 fl oz

A featherweight veil between complexion and pollutants, it shields without suffocating so skin can flourish

Providing a pure, unmitigated natural skin and hair savior, Argan oil is an essential addition to any beauty regimen, because of its full body uses. it moisturises the skin and lips, improves nail and cuticle quality, and treats dryness and cracking. It’s rich quantity of fatty acids supports healthy scalp and hair, boosting strands’ strength, whilst imparting sheen and softness. Simply apply a few drops as the last step in your skin and hair care ritual.

I was keen to incorporate Argan oil as part of my range, because of its beneficial action against cutaneous ageing, this is reinforced by the fact that it contains high levels of vitamin E, a powerful biological anti-oxidiser which works to neutralise free radicals. . The seeds yield an unsaturated oil rich in Oleic (Omega 9) and Linoleic (Omega 3) – as much as 35%. These important properties protect the cell membranes against lipid oxidisation, skin becomes more resistant to the effects of ageing, giving it elasticity, suppleness, and improved skin tone.

It associates well with Rose Hip Seed Oil for anti scarring and to avoid stretch marks.

100% organic Moroccan Argan oil, our formulation is cold-pressed at source, because any extraction process involving heat would cause the oil to degrade.

Skin Health Benefits

  • protects fibroblast cells that have been exposed to UV radiation
  • antioxidant carotenoids repair and protect against environmental stressors
  • high levels of Vitamin E strengthen delicate tissues and aid in wrinkle prevention
  • rich concentrations of Omegas regenerate the skin without irritation, restoring balance


Argania Spinosa – 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Kernel Oil, unrefined, cold-pressed, certified organic and completely pure.


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