I have been living in this excellent body for over 60 years
I love it, as long as it doesn’t get to fat, or to thin or doesn’t break
I just think thank goodness
       Joanne Lumley

Youth is a gift from nature but age is a work of art.

I feel that no truer word has ever been spoken.

That is if we are to embrace ageing gracefully.

But as we age, the mechanisms that control our skin’s activity begins to change, causing a breakdown in the dermal structure, leading to greater fragility and reduced healing ability.

Fortunately, there are some scientifically tried and tested ingredients, that will to help control the repair and regeneration of vital skin proteins.

Anti-Ageing Antioxidants

Many anti ageing products contain powerful antioxidants.

Theses potent ingredients are capable of neutralising the destructive effects of free radicals, rendering them harmless and preventing impairment of the skin at a cellular level.

They also help to calm inflammation in the dermis, which can cause collagen depletion.

Antioxidants improve our immune, helping to promote healthy skin.

Studies have shown that not only do topically applied antioxidants have a significant protective effect; they also give the skin a rest from fighting UV rays, allowing the skin to naturally repair itself.

ACE antioxidant complex has been designed, to visibly ward off the damage done, by damaging free radicals.

Vital Vitamins


There is no question that vitamins can help the appearance of the skin.

Vitamin A also referred to as retinol has many positive reactions on the skin, including antioxidant activity.

It is often used in anti ageing products, because it is important for normal cell growth and function, and it also helps to modulate collagen synthesis.

Vitamin A derivatives are referred to as retinoids and include the following topical drugs:

  • Retin A
  • Differen
  • Tazorac
  • The oral acne drug accutane
  • Retinyl aldehyde and retinyl palmitate, ingredients also derived from vitamin A.

A+ Retinol sleep complex is our go to treatment containing vitamin A.


More commonly known as panthenol, this vitamin has long been used as a moisturising ingredient.

Vitamin B is also really important for normal cell functioning and helping to repair damaged skin, follow the link to find out more about this potent anti ageing ingredient.

Bio lipid complex containing vitamin B, is the perfect repairing treatment fro the skin.


This is a powerful antioxidant, that helps to prevent cellular damage from oxidation.

Vitamin C is also important for collagen production and is an effective skin brightener, helping to even out pigment and spots caused by UV damage.


Referred to as tocopherol, it is a fat soluble vitamin that serves as a topical vitamin and preservative, and is particularly useful when combined with vitamin C.

Naturlene treatment balm repairs fragile, damaged skin, and contains restorative, healing vitamin E.


If you want to keep your skin healthy, then you need to focus on keeping your barrier function intact.

Glycolipids, ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol are all great examples of lipids (oils) of your skin, that deplete as we age.

These ingredients help to keep your skin balanced and protected, reducing inflammation and premature ageing.

Fortify Barrier Repair cream contains a complex of fatty acids and repairing lipids, to help return an impaired skin back to health.


Kick start your depleted skin with a topical moisture boost.

A dehydrated skin can look dull and flaky, and to prevent ageing horizontal lines, your skin needs to stay hydrated and healthy, in order for it to function well.

None of this lovely skin science will work its magic if your skin is dehydrated, so ensure you regularly give your skin a topical moisture boost, which will prevent horizontal lines, that can lead to premature ageing.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural humectant, whose benefits reads like a drink for the skin, and combined with urea, it helps to accelerate slowing cell renewal, smooth rough surface textures and improve the appearance off fine lines.

H20 Hyaluronic acid complex is a unique hydrating, collagen stimulating product, that also contains the botanical actives cucumber and aloe vera.


These are one of the most beneficial ingredients, for helping to influence ageing skin to behave like younger skin.

Peptides in anti ageing, are being used for reducing expression lines and puffiness and improving skin elasticity and texture.

The Naked Truth

Don’t let the prospect of ageing get you down.

You need to invest in your skin, in order to maintain that youthful vibrant glow for many years to come.

A combination of all of these ingredients, in a planned program for daily application, will produce substantial improvements, in the appearance of any age related concerns you have.

These may include wrinkling, elastosis, puffiness, sagging and sun damage, to help reduce wrinkle depth.

And whilst you can get lines treated by a plastic surgeon, if you go overboard you could become a distorted version of the person you really are.

That is not what a healthy glowing skin is all about.

Instead, I recommend truly EMBRACING what it means to be YOU, learn to feel good about yourself, rather than hiding behind a canvas of someone else.

Tap into your inner beauty and live life with a sense of purpose, after all it’s the only skin you have.


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