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Clarity Cleanse & Tone


Clarity is a unique pH-balanced, non-sensitising cleanser containing moisturising lipids that will cut through daily shine without won’t leave your skin feeling stripped or tight.

A unique bi-phase treatment that separates into two layers to cleanse and tone, detoxifying pores and dissolving makeup for fresh, liberated skin that stays clear and blemish-free all day.

Daily Ritual: First, shake up the bottle and thoroughly soak your cotton pad. Sweep across your skin. Next, turn the pad over and repeat with the other side of your cotton pad to tone. No need to rinse.

Skin Types: Sensitive, Combination, oily.

NZ Manuka & 

Combination and oily skin are distinguished by inflammation, daily shine, enlarged pores, and a tendency to break out in blemishes and blackheads.

These characteristics are due to excessive production of sebum – an oily, wax-like substance (sebum) produced by glands beneath your pores. Sebum plays an essential role in lubricating, waterproofing, and protecting, but too much build-up can lead to congested, problematic skin.

We believe the cornerstone of skin health for this skin type begins with a well-formulated cleanser. Many cleaners for combination, oily skin exhibit a pH of around 9.0. While effective at cleaning oil, dirt, and impurities, they are too harsh for delicate facial skin, disrupting the skin’s delicate bacteria required for healthy skin.

Harmony is a unique 2 in 1 cleanser and toner formulated with the optimal pH of 5.6; it mirrors your skin’s natural levels, minimising damage to the barrier function.

A practical skin healing approach to cleansing – your skin is left looking and feeling soft, clear and balanced.

Skin Health Benefits

  • calms and soothes reducing inflammation
  • non-comedogenic – it won’t clog your pores
  • non-drying and pH balanced, it won’t strip the skin
  • antibacterial properties eliminate congestion that can lead to breakouts, blackheads, and acne


Aqua – Water
Vitis vinifera – Grape seed oil
Squalane – Olive squalane
Matricaria recutita flower – German chamomile distillate
Leptospermum scoparium – Manuka distillate
Hamamelis virginiana – Witch hazel distillate
Melaleuca alternifolia  – Tea tree distillate
Glycyrrhiza glabra – licorice root extract
Alkanna tinctoria – Alkanet root


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