Pohutukawa Makeup Bag

NZD $29.98

This beautiful makeup bag is handmade in New Zealand and lined with organic cotton.
Featuring Native Pohutukawa, it is considered one of the top ten flowering trees globally, with its spectacular flowers that blossoms in summer. This flaming red Pohutukawa was taken on stunning Waiheke Island.

Size: 22 x 15 cm.

About the artist 
I am passionate about sharing my interpretation of the universe’s beauty. The symmetry, light and reverence of the beautiful native trees and flowers continually inspire…

My series of art photography includes New Zealand native trees, floral, abstract, and detailed flower studies that invite us to examine the beauty and wonder of nature.

​My work has been described as “mysterious, rich, and engaging” exhibited in galleries locally and in private collections internationally; I have also contributed images for award-winning publications, which profile artists and creatives.

Rachel Mooney. Follow the link to find out more about her stunning art photography.



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