Ultra Berry 3 is a decadent blend of berries, that work like little antioxidant power houses on the skin,

Helping to neutralise destructive free radicals,

The perfect antidote for a dull, sallow skin.

No matter what skin type you have, regular exfoliation is extremely important,

Literally priming it to soak up nutrient rich ingredients, from your moisturizers and serums.

We knew we had our work cut out, creating an exfoliating product that lifted dead skin cells from the surface of the skin,

A gentle yet effective exfoliant, that wouldn’t cause inflammation in the skins tissues.

We certainly think we have achieved it, with this lovely fusion of berries.


– Helps to refine dull, dehydrated skin –
– Rejuvenates the skin with super rich Antioxidants –
– Helps to improve surface texture and minimise pores –

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