Ingredients That Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes

Do you want to make your eyes look fresh as daisies?

And perk up the lack of glow-y-ness around your peepers.

Before you can get those dark circles to pack their bags, you must first consider the source.


Ageing can cause volume loss, resulting in hollowed out shadows.
Blocked sinuses can lead to swelling, temporarily causing dark circles.
Deep set eyes can create shadows in the recess, which makes the area under the eyes appear darker.
Genetics can play a role in discoloration, if you are fair and have thin pale skin then superficial blood vessels will appear closer to the surface, resulting in a reddish, purple hue showing through.
Tiredness, sleep deprivation and stress can create dark circles under eyes, which is due to poor circulation.
Seasonal allergies can trigger histamine release in the body, inflaming blood vessels.
A poor diet especially one high in sugar and salt can cause poor elimination of waste, leading to a build up of toxins in the kidneys, which makes the eye area look puffy and dark.
Leakage of blood cells gets stuck in the tissues around the eyes. The hemoglobin from these red blood cells can cause dark circles under eyes.
Alcohol and caffeine leads to mild dehydration in the body, making dark circles under eyes more obvious.

Here at the Naked Chemist we have you covered, with ageless eye duo, a handy two in one eye treatment that can be customised to treat a number of conditions around the eyes. Eye dew contains Vitamin K, that has been proven to help reduce the look of dark circles under the eyes.


  • Typically a blue shadow is a result of enlarged blood vessels
  • Brown shadows are a sign of an overproduction of melanin
  • Red shadows are from enlarged blood vessels, which can mean the body is holding onto an accumulation of fluid.

The colour of the shadows can also depend on the tone of the skin, for paler or cooler toned skin people, the shadows appear a blue, purple hue.

For those with a warm-toned, darker skin, their veins can look green or brown-tinged.

A trick to tell whether or not dark circles are caused by poor blood circulation or hyperpigmentation, is to pull up the skin on the lower lid and press on the circle under the eye.

The action of pushing on the tissue causes capillaries to dilate and the blood to move away from the area making it appear lighter, if the skin remains dark in colour, then you know the problem is from hyperpigmentation.

If your thinking about how to get rid of dark circles naturally, you may want to consider these ingredients, especially if your dark circles are due to pigmentation.


Go a shade lighter in your concealer
If you want to cover dark circles make sure you conceal like a pro, simply piling pale concealer on top of purple under-eye rings, will just create a weird grey tone.

To find the right colour selection, you need to use the opposite colours on the colour wheel:

  • For a bluish hue, use a purple toned concealer
  • For a purple hue, use a yellow toned concealer
  • For a reddish hue, use a green toned concealer

Fillers can smooth out shadows caused by sunken contours
An ultra-fine filler can be used to inject the ‘tear trough’ below the eyes, making circles appear brighter.

It is important to note that this technique does require a lot of skill, if the filler is injected too near to the skins surface it can look irregular and unsightly. Fillers can also help, if fat loss is causing bags under the eyes.

Lasers can lighten dark circles
If the dark circles are related to visible blood vessels, that manifest as a red purplish hue, they can be treated with a vascular laser.

Fat injections to get rid of dark circles
Fat can be grafted from other areas of the body and injected in the tear troughs to treat dark circles. This is a procedure typically recommended for the correction of dark circles, caused by skin under the eye that is thinning or fat and tissue loss in the upper cheeks or under eye area.

Vitamin K treatments
If dark circles under eyes are due to broken blood vessels, then regular application of Vitamin K cream around the eyes could make a visible difference, which you can read about here.


Peptides palmitoyl oligopeptide and palitoyl tetrapeptide work by tightening the skin tissues, helping to prevent capillary leakage.
Vitamin K is an exciting ingredient for the treatment of dark circles, as discussed above.
Retinol is good for under eye pigmentation, it also increases collagen and rebuilds thin skin.
Hydroxysuccinimide is an interesting ingredient that binds iron in the hemoglobin, preventing pigment from forming in the skins tissues.
Chrysin a flavone from passion flower helps to promote the production of natural enzymes which can break down pigments.
Caffeine and kojic acid are ingredients that constrict blood vessels, so are great for treating dark circles under eyes.
Vitamin C encourages the production of collagen; it also helps to brighten skin tone and mild pigmentation.


As you can see dark circles is not an easy problem with an easy solution, especially when your wanting to correct contouring defects below the eye.

If darkness is due to a shadow from slightly protruding fat, there are procedures that can remove or reposition fat, to improve the contour and reduce the shadow.

If the darkness is from underlying vasculature showing through, treatment with a vascular laser may be useful.

 If you try the laser treatments, try them before the filler because the laser may break down the juvederm.

It is also important to note, that dark discolouration shows up more through thin skin.

As we age we begin to lose volume in our cheeks, this pulls down the lower eye and creates shadowy hollows; the support structure below the eye also weakens, making the whole area appear darker.

Follow the link for an interesting read of how the anatomy of the face changes as we age.

11 thoughts on “Ingredients That Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes

  1. robinp5 says:

    I inherited dark eye circles from my German mother. These dark circles just JUMP out at you on my face and I’ve had them my whole life regardless of what I eat, how much I sleep etc. I never could leave the house without concealer and no creams ever worked for me in the past.

    I tried the Naked Chemist Ageless Eye Duo TOGETHER. I used BOTH twice a day every day after washing my face. There is so much more of an improvement than I’ve ever seen before! You can’t expect a miracle from any cream. I still will wear concealer when going out, but I don’t feel so ashamed of my dark circles anymore. 🙂

    Bonus fact: I have very sensitive skin and Savior was amazing for me so thank you, it was very soothing and not irritating in the least.

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