Without rain forests how will the animals survive

Without rain forests how will the animals survive

Rain forests are a beautiful expression of nature.

And yet it is heart breaking! That I find myself writing about the devastating effects of tree removal.

Having a commitment to stop the destruction and extensive tree removal and making a conscious effort toward tree planting must be key, if we are to ever truly make a difference to our planet and save the precious trees and the animals that are housed there.

If International communities were to come on board, they could help rain forest countries, develop sustainable management policies and alternative sources of income.

With this help, it is estimated that half of the deforestation taking place could be reduced.

If you’d like to find out more about what is deforestation, and how you can help save our rain forests, please follow this link.


The Philippines, Thailand and India, have declared the extent of deforestation going on in their countries as a national emergency.

Even Brazil, once a country with the worst recorded levels of tree removal, has appointed a well known environmentalist to be secretary for the environment.

Also what is more promising is the increase of citizen activist groups, including the Indonesian environmental forum, that yields considerable clout.

In India, the Chipko movement and the silent valley campaign, have achieved incredible break throughs against tree removal and deforestation.

In Kenya, the green belt organisation has planted more trees in one year, than the government achieved in the previous ten years.

The Naked Truth

Here at The Naked Chemist,

We truly believe, that each and every one of us has a personal responsibility and the amazing privilege, of being able to save all our temperate rain forests for now and in the future.

We should be made to contribute in some degree, especially chemists that are pulling on these resources.

Surely the key to sustainable use, lies in ensuring a share of the profits made from its resources is used to preserve these wonderful forests, which to date is not happening!

Take the pharmaceutical company responsible for manufacturing the drug from the periwinkle for instance, tragically they have never contributed a penny.

Yet we feel they should be actively made to contribute towards the protection against tree removal, especially on the back of all the millions they have profited from, by using the rain forest over the years!

Fortunately with more and more activist groups becoming aware of this problem,

Hopefully,  humankind may finally be determined to help to save our precious forests.


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